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Stylish Sundays: Thankful

This is what I wore for Thanksgiving this year.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Thankful

Dress: Maison Jules, Tights: Hue Shoes: Old Navy Belt: Kate Spade

It was absolutely freezing outside when we took these pictures so as soon as we got a useable one I put my coat and scarf back on

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Thankful

Coat: Delia’s, Scarf: ColourMe.com (defunct)

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Thankful

Hair: Color Ion Fuchsia and Purple (Violet) I hope to be doing a post on my hair later this week if everything works out. It’s not quite true to color here as the sun was setting and we didn’t fuss with the settings of the camera too much.

On My Face: Nars Tinted Moisturizer, Koh Gen Do Face Powder, Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette, Maybelline’s The Nudes, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, Nars Blush, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara, Rimmel London Eyeliner, Sonja Kashuk Dalia, Revlon Shameless

Necklace: H&M

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Thankful

These boots have been getting an insane amount of wear this year, but I just am absolutely obsessed with them. I hope to find another similar pair in black.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? What did you decide to wear?


Stylish Sundays: Navy and Oxblood

As you guys know from my recent posts I’ve been sick for the past few weeks, so this was the first time since Christmas I put on something other than lounge wear.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Navy and Oxblood

Navy Toggle Coat: Delia’s, Striped Tee: The Limited, Pants: H&M, Ankle Boots: Old Navy

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Navy and Oxblood

T got me these shoes for my birthday last year and I adore them.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Navy and Oxblood


On my face: Nars Sheer Glow, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Nars Deep Throat, YSL Shocking Mascara, Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette, Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss

Nails: Nails Inc Stratford

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Navy and Oxblood

Howl was really excited because he got to go with us on our errands. And he will have a haul up later this week of what he got.

Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

I woke up yesterday and realized that not only did I not have photos taken for this week, but I also didn’t know what the hell to wear. Then I remembered this skirt that I wore forever ago, and had said when I bought it that I would wear it well into fall. Well here it is with only a month left of fall and I hadn’t worn it once.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

I’m wearing Blue Toggle Coat from Delia’s, Old Navy Polka Dot Sweater, H&M Skater Skirt, Hue Navy Blue Tights, Not Rated Oxfords, and a Gold Pen Necklace.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

I love this coat.

On my Face: Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly, Nars Blush in Deep Throat, Benefit Leggy Eyeshadow, YSL Babydoll Mascara

Hair: Curled with the Conair YouCurl Infinity, Hairspray Aveda AirControl

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

Fashion and Happy Things!   Stylish Sundays: Because Your Favorite Shade Is Navy Blue

Detail shots of Shoes and Necklace.

This outfit turned out better than I thought it would, considering I didn’t know what to wear. I realized that I was wearing a lot of navy blue and ended up having If My Heart Was A House by Owl City stuck in my head all day long. I would have liked this outfit better if I had gone with my first plan of wearing a red sweater and white oxford, but I changed it last minute, because I didn’t want to be wearing an oxford sweater combo 3 weeks in a row.  I also plan on buying different brogues very soon. These ones are getting worn out and I don’t love them as much as I did when I first got them. I’m thinking of maybe these from Zara.

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Book Review: Bitter River

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Review: Bitter River

This weeks book is Bitter River by Julia Keller. This book is about Bell Elkins and is the second in a series, but it’s thankfully one of those series where each book can stand on it’s own, and honestly I didn’t realize it was in a series until I was over halfway through the book and they mentioned something that seemed like they wouldn’t have said it unless it was in another book.

This book begins with the body of 16 year old Lucinda Trimble being found in her car in Bitter River. What starts out looking like an accident turns out to be murder and it’s up to Bell Elkins and Nick Fogelsong to find out who killed this young girl. But then a friend from Bell’s past shows up and terrible things start happening to her town. Is it her friends fault that these horrible things are happening in the small town of Acker’s Gap, or is it all just one big coincidence?

I absolutely adored this book. Honestly, I picked it up because of the cover. I walked past it twice, but it the cover kept catching my eye and I just had to pick it up and I’m so glad I did. I loved Bell, I loved the story and I adored the way it’s written. I’m definitely going to be picking up the first book A Killing In The Hills because I really ended up attached to the people in the town and I want to know more about them.

Final Verdict: if you like mystery novels and thrillers, then I fully recommend this book. Bitter River was absolutely one of my favorite books I’ve read this season.


I decided to base my outfit off the cover of this book. I don’t have a red coat, but I’ve been wanting one ever since I saw the one on the cover. So instead I wore:

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Review: Bitter River

Navy Blue Toggle Coat from Delias, Gap Legging Jeans, Hunter Huntress Boots in Green. My earrings are Kate Spade and my Hair tie is from Emi-Jay

This sunday’s outfit post will be what I was wearing underneath the coat.

Blogmas Day 6: Winterlicious Tag and bad news

First I’ll get the bad news out of the way, well bad news for me anyway. My laptop is currently dead, the hard drive is dead, and the screen is cracked. It happened today by accident .

The good news is my husband is going to replace the screen and the hard drive so I’ll have it back in a week or two. The other good news is that my laptop is not the only computer in the house so Blogmas will continue as regularly scheduled.

And speaking of Regularly scheduled I wanted to kick off my series of Tag posts with the Winterlicious Tag. I filmed a video of this as well and when I get that up I’ll link it here.

1. What is your favorite Winter Nail Polish?
A. Lancome Noir Caviar, it’s a lovely grey color and the formulation is amazing. It lasted 6 days with no chips, which I’ve never had from a nail polish before.

2. What is your favorite winter lip product?
A. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm, this is definitely my most used lip product. the one I have is from a Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift, but I adore it.

3.Most worn winter clothing piece?
A. I don’t know if this really counts but my Duffle Coat from Delias, I hate being cold so a coat is definitely what I wear most. OR if that doesn’t count then leggings, because I totally wear them under my jeans for added warmth.

4. Most worn winter accessory?
A. My bobble hat from Super Dry, I got it as a present last Christmas and I adore it, it’s just so snuggly and warm

5. Favorite scent or winter candle?
A. Fireplace candle, you can get them anywhere from Walmart to Hallmark to  Yankee Candle. Fun fact, I used to hate this scent because I’d forget it was burning and try to figure out what was on fire. Now I think it’s the coziest smell ever.

6. Favorite Winter Beverage.
A. Tea, hot tea all year round. Or Eggnog

7. Favorite Holiday Movie?
A. THE GRINCH. The original one, not the Jim Carey one, but the 30 minute animated one, I’ve watched it probably close to 200 or 300 times in my life (10 to 15 times a year, and I’m 26 years old)

8. Favorite Holiday Song?
A. Hilary Duff’s Sleigh Ride. I don’t know why that version but it’s the one that makes me the happiest.

9. Favorite Holiday Food/Treat
A. My Aunt’s Yogurt Pie

10. Favorite Holiday Decoration?
A. My Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus ornaments because they remind me of all the times we’ve taken our son to mail his Christmas Letters

11. Top of your Christmas Wishlist?
A. I covered this in a blog post already, and I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing it but the Original Short Gloss Hunter Rainboots in Pillar Box Red.

12. Plans for the Holidays?
Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas morning at home and Christmas Afternoon at my husband’s family’s house.