Saturday, March 24, 2012

This lies forgotten again, so we'll catch up.

I've neglected this blog again, distracted by books, and sevenly (I check obsessively to see if they've met their goal), my youtube channel, and television.

I've changed things in my life, we bought furniture, and made our house feel like home.  I've come to realize I'm lucky to live where I do, it's a very pretty town except the main drag feels a little off kilter with the rest of the town.  I live on a very quiet and pretty street in a deceptively sweet little house.  It's the little part that's deceptive, as we have a finished basement it's not really all that little.

I'm lucky to live in a rainy area, I think I've talked about that before, how much I adore the rain, and all the things that come with it.  Except the natural disasters that come with rain, tornadoes and floods.  Other than that I adore the rain. Especially the smell.  I can't describe it, but it's something that no artificial scent has ever captured, but it's my favorite smell ever.

Speaking of rain, I finally bought my hunter rain boots, I adore them and since I've added Dr. Schols Women's Work insoles they're probably my most comfortable shoes.  I also bought a Trench coat from Express originally $138 and on sale for $49, once you add in shipping and tax even at $60 it's still a really great deal.

 Moving on though I've become addicted to Anthropologie's Tea Cups, they have some amazing dresses as well, but unless I catch one on major sale you won't be finding one in my closet. Their tea cups are reasonable though as a treat anyways when I make it out to the mall closest to me that has one. They're large sturdy mugs but they look like the delicate cups our grandmothers or great grandmothers depending on your age would have used. 

I've just finished reading the Marbury Lens, literally just, as in roughly an hour ago. It's dark and twisted, and the way it makes you feel while reading it sticks with you when you finish. It left me feeling the same way the movie Grave of the Fireflies did, a little empty and lost, like where we are now is just an illusion, but that feeling has since settled, hence my rhetoric about the sweet little house on pretty little street where I live. It's good though, I finished the book in less than two days, and am sort of anxious to read it again to see if I accidentally passed things over that will change the entire books for me.

Sevenly isn't exactly anything new to the internet but it has been getting more press from youtubers lately, and I've become obsessed, I've only purchased two shirts from them (am waiting on the second to arrive) but I do always make sure to tweet and share on FB their campaign for that week.  I love what they do because a lot of people wouldn't think twice about dropping $22 on a tee at the mall, and $7 of every shirt or hoodie goes to a really good cause.  They also make it easy for you to continue to follow the causes you care about. Since I'm sort of a modern hippie, as much as I'm a consumerist this really works well for me and I wish I could buy all the shirts.  Since I can't I encourage you to check them out weekly and if you find a cause that hits home with you, buy the shirt.  You get an awesome shirt and you may save a life or at least make it a little easier for someone else.

My youtube channel is a work in progress, I'm slowly figuring out what I want out of my channel and what I'm comfortable doing.  Most of that has to do with fashion, so I'll be focusing mostly on that, but you'll see all that there so I can move on.

I just wanted to sort of give you a quick fill in on what's been going on since I last posted and now I'm going to settle in and enjoy the rest of this storm.