Thursday, September 30, 2010

My birthday is in 2 days!!!!

I know this post has nothing to do with makeup or fashion really, but my birthday is coming up and I'm super excited about it.  I will be 24 this year, and I'm probably one of the few people that doesn't dread getting older.  I can easily picture myself at 30 and at 40 and so on.  I'm comfortable with my age, and aging in general because I know I take good care of my skin, and my body, so barring extenuating circumstances I should continue to be healthy. 

But when it comes to my birthday it's like I'm 4 years old again.  I will always be happy on my birthday as long as there is presents and cake.  I love opening presents and take my time doing so.  I'm the kind of person that picks at the tape, so I don't tear the paper very much.  Most of my friends have stopped wrapping my presents and just throw some tissue paper over them so they don't have to wait forever for me to get my presents open.  I'm like Lorelei Gilmore when it comes to my birthday, I want a big deal made out of it.  But that's because I've never been a very low key person anyways.  Maybe it seems selfish and conceited that I want a big deal made out of my birthday with a cake and balloons and crepe paper  and all that fun stuff, but I love me, and I feel I should be celebrated, even if I'm doing it all myself. 

You should see what I do for other peoples birthday's though, it's not just myself that I feel should be celebrated, I think other people should be celebrated as well.  Your birthday is all about you, and the other several thousand people that were born on that day, but mostly you.

How do you like to spend your Birthday?


Friday, September 24, 2010

Healthy Shiny Hair

Another part of look the best you can is haircare.  We abuse our hair daily, twisting it, tugging at it, heating it, spraying it.  We forget about the importance of caring for, nourshing, and nurturing it.  We complain about it's dryness and split ends, but we neglect to try to fix and then prevent those problems.  It's all done out of laziness, no one wants to take those extra steps.  Please bear in mind that I am not a hair stylist, and can only give you the advice that I follow.

There are of course some basic products that you need to have normal proper care of your hair.  A shampoo and conditioner that works for your hair type, a clarifying shampoo if you're using hair products on a daily basis, Heat Protectant Spray if you're going to be using a Blow Dryer, Curling Iron, Or Flat Iron EVER!  Then from these basic products you can build up and add onto caring for your hair.  A deep conditioner, and/or a leave in conditioner if you have especially dry and brittle hair.  You can also use warm olive oil, yogurt, and many other home products.

Washing your hair is very important, you should wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that's right for your hair type every other day.  Washing your hair everyday can make your scalp produce extra oil, or produce to little.  Washing your hair less than every other day can also make your hair too oily.  The oil weighs down your hair making it look greasy and lifeless.  If your hair gets a little oily on the second day before you wash it you could use a dry shampoo, or even in a pinch baby powder to help soak up the oil at your roots and give your hair some volume again. If using a deep conditioner mask, should apply this after you've washed and leave it set for the length of time either recommended by your hair dresser, or by what the bottle says.  A leave in daily conditioner can be applied before or after your hair dries.

Next if you're going to be applying heat to your hair after washing it you should always use a heat protectant.  There are many different fomulations on the market and it would be best to test many different brands to find the one that works best in your hair.  They also have Heat Protectants that are specifically aimed at the sort of heat you will be applying to your hair.  If you Blow dry and either Flat Iron or Curl your hair on a daily basis I recommend getting Heat Protectants specifically designed for each heat type you'll be using.  If you don't Flat Iron or Curl your hair that often then one Heat Protectant should be fine, but you need to reapply the Heat Protectant after you've Blow dried your hair, and allow it to dry before applying the heating tool to your hair.

Another major problem with hair is flyaway's or frizz, which is especially a problem if you have curly hair.  Frizz can be cause by a number of things, your hair brush being one of them.  A good boar's hair or synthetic boar's hair brush can help with that.  You can find these kinds of brushes in any salon for a really high quality one, or at any drugstore for a good lower priced option.  If you have fine hair, or hair that seems to tangle easy you should get a detangler spray and spray your hair before you brush it all over the ends but avoiding the roots. 

There are also creams, gels, and oils made specifically to help in the battle against frizz.  These are also often combined with a shine serum to help give your hair a healthy light catching sheen. You should use these sparingly and build up to the amount you need because if you use too much it can make your freshly washed hair look greasy and lank instead of shiny frizz free and bouncy.

When it comes to styling you should experiment with many inexpensive products to find the types of products that work best for your hair before thinking of investing in the higher end salon brands. Many of the drugstore products are just as good as the salon brand or sometimes even better, and since while searching for a kind of product that works best with your hair type you can go through many different products, it's much better not to have to pay the high end prices in case a product ends up not working out, you won't feel as bad about giving or if it's really awful throwing it away.

Another step in caring for your hair to make it healthy is getting regular trims and finding the right cut and style for you. I know it may seem counter productive if you're trying to grow your hair out, but trims really do help your hair to be healthier. If you get regular cuts you're less likely to have split ends and damaged fried strands and prevent breakage.  Sometimes if your ends are too damaged your hair will seem to stop growing because of all the split ends and breakage.  And trimming off where your hair was previously fried because of continual heat damage will improve the overall look and feel of your hair.

My final recommendation for healthy hair is giving your hair a break.  Let it air dry every once in a while.  Skip some products and let your hair go natural. (Don't ever skip the heat protectant if you're applying heat.)  Tye it back in a loose braid with and ouchless hairband so that while you're sleeping  you're not twisting pulling and tangling your hair. 

That's all the advice I have but in the future there will be reviews on haircare products I have tried and either loved, hated, or just felt blah about.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Put your best face forward

Starting on my track of being the best you, you can be is skincare.  I personally have terrible skin acne prone combination skin, others have near perfect skin, but no matter what kind of skin you have caring for it is very important.  Your skin is extremely important, it's exposed to the elements and it shows your age, though if you don't take proper care of it, it can age you much more than you are.  That being said, I am not a dermatologist and can't cure your acne, or help your dry skin, all I can do is share what works for me, and hope it helps you find a skincare routine that works for you and your skin.

The basics of skin care are a cleanser, toner and moisturizer with spf and a weekly scrub and an optional mask.  Those are the necessary elements, some skincare routines have more steps, but they shouldn't have any less.  Personally my skincare routine consists of, in order of daily use, Cetaphil as my cleanser, Neurtrogena Grapefruit scrub, Alba Acnedote face wash, Avalon Organics Vitamin C toner, Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer, and Neutrogena Sunblock. I use these steps daily, adding in Neutrogena Makeup removing cleanser for Acne Prone Skin at night to remove my makeup.  If I'm have a particularly bad breakout I use a pimple cream such as zapzit or clean and clear vanishing cream, or tea tree oil.

I am working on switching my products over to all natural products, though you should never start a whole new regime all at once in case your skin reacts poorly to a new product.  I currently have two natural products in my routine, those are the Alba Acnedote face wash which I use to make sure all of the scrub is washed off my face, and since it's medicated for acne with salicylic acid from Willow bark extract, it treats my freshly cleaned pores as a preventative measure. The other product is my Toner, which is made by Avalon Organics, Vitamin C promotes a higher cell turnover rate, which helps you produce new healthy skin cells faster.  Today I will be adding an organic moisturizer, since I am almost out of my clean and clear moisturizer.  Hopefully one a bit heavier than I've been using since Summer is coming to and end, and Autumn and Winter are coming.  Dryer seasons cause dryer skin.

Usually you wouldn't use a scrub daily, as it can begin to tear your pores, and if you over exfoliate you can begin to produce more oil and cause pimples.  The scrub I currently use, the Neutrogena Grapefruit scrub is gentle enough to be used twice daily, though I am working on slowly cutting it back since when I run out of this I will be switching to an all natural or organic scrub which can sometimes be a bit more scratchy on your skin.

The mask I use is the Queen Helene Mint Juilip Mask.  This is a mask that drys out your current acne, and I use it as a full face treatment once or twice a week, but as a spot treatment for any bad breakout area's I may have.  A good mask will help your skins elasticity while treating any issues you may feel you've been having with your skin.

A sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF is extremely important to protect your skin from sun damage and cancer.  You should be using and SPF of 15 or higher. Using a moisturizer with and SPF in it is good because it lessens the amount of products you have to put on your face, which is less products to clog up your pores.

You don't need to use high end department store skincare products to get perfect skin, all of the products I use currently are drugstore products that can be found at any walmart, target, cvs, or walgreens. I've only ever tried high end skincare once before for 2 months, and it was terrible on my skin, but that's another post.

I do recommend all the products I've mentioned, I think they are very good products, especially for their price, but don't be surprised it they don't work for you, especially if you don't have the same skin type as I do.  I will put a review of the moisturizer I pick up today soon, probably within the next 2 to 3 weeks to give myself ample time to test it and find all it's pros and cons.

Shall I start this like all the other blogs begin?  I guess I will, I finally broke down and got a blog.  I've finally decided to become even more an active member of the beauty community.  I truly love makeup and fashion, skincare, and all things that make you beautiful inside and out.  I strongly believe that people should take care of themselves and have pride in who they are.  No matter your price range, no matter your status, you should be proud to be you.  Love yourself and look your best.  That's part of what this blog will be about.  I'll be posting about clothing, and nail polish, makeup, wishlists, hopes and dreams.  Not all my posts will be beauty related though, there will be posts on books and movies, and things that are going on in my life. 

I have been extremely inspired by several beauty bloggers/vloggers, FleurDeForce, DazzleDust25, Lollipop26 and Missglamorazzi.  These women inspire me because they are beautiful, intelligent, passionate people. They inspire me to be the best I can be.  I use their makeup tips daily, I take their fashion advice.  I feel comfortable asking them for advice.  It's these women who inspired me to join the beauty community through my Youtube Channel and now through my blog.  I just wanted to thank them publicly for all this.