Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My top 10 favorite blogs


I have quite a few bloggers that I adore and actually keep up with, so I decided to share those loves with you guys. My top 10 blogs are all blogs I anticipate new posts and save them for last or let them pile up before reading them.  They're my guilty pleasure blogs. 

The first is FleurDeForce, I'm not going to blather about all of them but Fleur is definitely my favorite.  She's a Blogger/Vlogger from the UK and is adorable and Sunny and I want to be just like her when I grow up, despite the fact that she's actually younger than me.  Fleur really is the ideal role model, she's beautiful, has the loveliest voice I've ever heard, and while here in the States it's considered normal for a beautiful woman to look slightly ill or sallow, Fleur looks healthy and vibrant.  I adore her outfit of the day videos they're always very classy, and have watched/read her consistently since I discovered her blog 2 years ago.

Next is Dazzledust25 or Amy if you prefer an Irish vlogger who is one of the people who inspired me to even start blogging at all.  I didn't get off to such a great start. Though that's because I'm much more of a reader than a writer. She's a great blogger though, usually posting several times a day.

Then there's BuyNowBlogLater also known as Laura.  She used to make youtube videos as well, but has decided to simplify and just blog.  And I adore her blog, and I covet her shopping habbits.

While the first 3 are very well known blogs and also all of the ladies are overseas, the fourth is a lesser known blogger that is closer to home for me, but not too much closer as she's Canadian, that i absolutely adore. SometimesFancy's blog is mainly about all things Nail related, which I love.  I only follow one other Nail blogger and I don't adore her as much as I do Lindsay.  I have talked to her a bit on twitter where she goes by the moniker Sometimesicing she also has a blog called Sometimesicing that I follow, but not as closely as I follow her nail blog.

The next bloggers are all equally as lovely but if I go on pages and pages about them you'll get bored and stop reading this so make sure you check out:



Diary of a Fat Girl

The Indulgent New York

Keiko Lynn


Okay so those are my top ten blogs that I follow a little obsessively.  Make sure you check them out the next time you're caught inside on a Rainy Day, curling up with these blogs and a cup of tea and I promise you'll wonder where your day went

Bonus Blog: Rachel Nichols, definitely one of my favorite blogs, the only big difference between her blog and the others is she's a celebrity. I adore her, I've talked to her a bit on Twitter (she's super down to earth and super kind to her fans, and is less retweet-y and more conversational-y.) you can follow her at RachelNichols1. Her blog is honest, hilarious, and, aside from the perks of being an actress, really down to earth.  I'd say the biggest difference between her and I (aside from the obvious) is that I always know what's in the packages I'm receiving, while she often sends herself mystery packages. 

Okay so the title says top 10, but really counting that Lindsay has 2 blogs and Rachel Nichols bonus blog it's really more like 12.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Check this out

So one of the blogs I follow Nails in Nippon is have an amazing giveaway that includes Mad as a Hatter and Absolutely Alice, and some other great polishes.  You can and should check out the Thank You Giveaway Here.

Lemme know if you fall in love with her site as much as I have recently, guess I should start commenting :)

Scarves, Scarves and More Scarves

If it would surprise anyone, I must say I adore being warm.  Scarves are some of my favorite accessories because aside from being absolutely adorable, they're warm, and cozy.  And easy to make yourself, if you knit or crochet, which I do.  I knit and I have an idea for a crazy soft and warm scarf.  I do have other projects in process so it must wait until I finish at least one of them, but since knitting is such a soothing activity, I will probably be whipping my way through it here soon as I'm roughly half to a third done.

Aside from the scarves I make myself I do also purchase them and I have a few that I have my eye on, and at least one of them if not more will be coming to live with me shortly. I will link them below.

First is this scarf from Zara I adore it for a few reasons, it's a cloth scarf rather than knit, it's checked and fringed and very similar to one that FleurDeForce wears in a recent outfit of the day.  It's no secret I adore Fleur and her fashion.  Plus I have total hair envy. Obviously buying a similar scarf will not give me similar hair, but it will give me a similar scarf that looks cozy and warm and that's enough for me.

Next is this Infinity Scarf also from Zara while it is knit, and while it is actually something I could replicate it's not something that I would be able to with any real amount of skill.  I prefer to use self patterning yarns, in more forgiving styles such as a ribbing pattern or BouclĂ© style yarn.  I love BouclĂ© because it's so soft and fluffy and if you make a few mistakes they aren't terribly noticeable.  

That's it on the actual purchasable scarves, I already have a few though, and if I ever get my closet together enough to film a closet tour you'll see them all.  Or maybe once I've added a few to my collection, as I recently did a clear out and gave away a few, I'll film a Scarves Collection.

 Well that's enough of a blabber for now, hopefully I'll be back again soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

My favorite Holiday wear

In my house, Christmas and Victoria's Secret go hand in hand.  For the past 3 years my husband has gotten me pajamas from Victoria's Secret and I adore them.  They're my absolute favorite presents, soft and warm and cozy, plus they usually come with Slippers. I would be very sad if he skipped a year of this tradition.

I don't know what it is about Victoria's Secret at Christmas time for me, but I just adore every thing about them in the winter time.  You'd think that's odd since even in their fashion show they're almost naked.  But for me, Victoria's Secret is all things warm, cozy and decadent.  I know they're not all that expensive, but they're definitely higher priced than Forever 21 and WetSeal. Their pajamas and sweats are so well made and soft that they feel, at least to me, far more expensive than they are.

For the longest time I was obsessed with the PINK line, but now that I've turned 25 (and am a mother) I feel that I'm a bit to old for the line.  I don't feel that way for everyone else, but because where I live it's mostly 13 yr olds traipsing  about in their PINK sweats and boots, I do feel a bit silly waiting to pick my son up from school in a PINK hoodie.  But I've recently noticed that they have a VS line of sweats in Velour and Fleece and in Terry cloth and that makes me very happy.  I've already fallen in love with a few of their hoodies and pants online.  I can't wait to pick up a few pairs to essentially live in.  Okay now that I'm working I'm certain it will eventually be more than a few pairs.  Still though lounge wear is always necessary.

There is one Victoria's Secret item that I covet that I will most likely never be able to get.  The pink Santa Hat with the rhinestones. I've wanted one for years, but unfortunately they came out at a time when I wasn't working, and my parents refused to buy me one, and now that I am working they are no longer for sale.  So I will always covet it, and be slightly jealous of those that managed to snag one when they were for sale.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Harry Potter Christmas

I adore the Harry Potter Series, the books and the movies. But I only watch them at Christmas time, or in the winter season anyway.  From mid-November when it starts getting cold and blustery, to end of February you can often find me tuned in to ABC Family or any other channel running it watching any one of the Harry Potter movies, mixed in among the Christmas movies.  I've never bought them, but I've asked my dad for them for Christmas and I can almost guarantee I'll get them.  I couldn't tell you why I've never bought them, my brother owns the first six, and I know he's planning on purchasing the last 2 as soon as the second on is released.  I do own the books though.  I bought them the first time I wanted to read them and wondered down to my bookshelves  and promptly realized the ones I had thumbed through all through out my teen years belonged to my mother and that these were now my bookshelves and not hers.  If I don't get the movies for Christmas I'll probably start picking them up used from Amazon. 

I don't know what it is about the movies that make me feel like Christmas, maybe it's that Christmas is featured in most of the movies or that ABC Family runs them at this time of year, or perhaps it's that they've each been released on DVD or in Theaters each year for roughly the past 9 or 10 yrs at Christmas time. (They missed a year or 2 due to production issues.) Or could be that they're filmed in the UK and I've always wanted to be in the UK at Christmas time.

Every-time I hear that magical theme though I want to put on my snuggliest pajamas and curl up under my favorite blanket with a cup of cocoa or hot tea and a nice apple cinnamon candle burning.  I'm mostly there as it is in yoga pants and a black and Technicolor striped jumper.  I just need some slippers and cocoa and I'll be the happiest Harry Potter viewer in the world.  They're running the first Harry Potter now, and I can smell my candle, even though it's not lit yet.  Well I'm off to find some slippers and enjoy the rest of the movie

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm back...I hope

I know I've been gone a long time, and that I haven't kept up with this blog really at all, but lately I've been wanting to blog.

The number one thing that's been on my mind is my skin.  My skin has been my first and foremost worry for over the past year.  I've had terrible cystic acne, that was painful and terribly embarrassing and have had a really hard time talking about it without tearing up.  Finally a doctor took pity on me when I came in for something else and prescribed an antibiotic that would help  my acne with a ton of refills.  I saw a lot of improvement but my acne wasn't completely gone, and if I missed the antibiotic for any reason my acne was terrible again with in just a few days.  So I finally scheduled a visit to the dermatologist because I didn't want to be on this pill forever.

The visit was short and to the point, he looked at my face, asked me why I was there, and then looked through all the items I used for my skin care.  He immediately told me to stop using all of them except my cleanser and my moisturizer, prescribed a topical treatment and a pill. Then he looked at my C.Booth Cleanser and asked if I could get something cheaper. I told him it only cost me around 7$ and he said that was fine then it didn't really matter.  I think I'm seeing results, I feel like my skin looks better and is less oily.  Which is awesome, but I miss my skincare routine.  I miss all the steps, I felt like they were fancy.  Like I was treating myself to something and now I feel like I'm missing out.  I've got to wait until my appt. for follow up in December, but I want to talk to him about adding in some steps.  Like an eye cream, and maybe an alcohol free toner.  Maybe an herbally frothy cleanser.  That's something I definitely want to look into is a frothy/foamy cleanser, I love those.  They just feel so lovely on my skin, and make me feel like I'm really cleaning all the makeup off of my face. Honestly I'm a bit worried because I'll have to buy a new cleanser before my check up appt. and I don't know if I should buy the same cleanser again, which frankly I'm kinda over and while it's an amazing cleanser I'm just itchy for something new, or if I can try something new, something frothy and organic.  Or even just frothy.  Definitely frothy.

So what do you think Try something different, or stick with what I'm using now?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sigh...I failed

I have been terrible with this blog, I feel like I failed with it.  I'm sorry about that.  I hope to get back to it very soon.  Right now I'm in the process of moving, and I have a bazillion other excuses as to why I didn't keep up with it, but in all honesty I just failed.

Right now I'm sick, so I'm laying on my couch watching only the Cabot Cove episodes of Murder She Wrote, because those are my favorites.

I plan on doing some videos of my new house once we move in and get settled, like a closet tour because I have a really great closet, and a video on my filming area once I get that all settled, but that will be some months from now since I have to buy furniture for that area and moving is expensive and so is furniture so it's one thing at a time.