Thursday, May 24, 2012

Singleminded to the point of Recklessness

I never really feel like myself unless I've got an an item that I'm looking to acquire fashion wise and then nothing in my wardrobe will go with anything else until I have that item.  I know it's frivolous and materialistic but it's the way I function.  I adore comfortable and classy but still trendy fashion, I need it, I thrive on it.  I tend to err more towards classic than straight on trend, since I like things simple and lasting, but I'm not above buying a cheap and cheerful high low dress that I'll wear a handful of times before it falls to pieces in the wash.  I also believe you can make anything work if you have the right shoes.  It's usually shoes that are my downfall.  I know I have items that I need in my wardrobe that I just don't have, like skirts and blazers, but I keep pushing them aside for shoes.

Here lately I've been in a fashion slump.  Since I've been so ill, and I've been trying to work out and loose some weight, I've been living in my sporty/comfy clothes.  VS Pink sweats and Soffe cheer shorts while adorable for the sporty girls are not exactly fashionable, or really appropriate for trips out of the house beyond the gym and the grocery (if even there, I have been really sick lately do not judge).  But I have nearly reached 10 lbs weight loss (3 more lbs to go) and I plan on rewarding myself for every 10lbs lost until I reach my goal.  Since 10lbs won't take me down a pant size, I'm waiting until I hit my next goal level for new clothing.  But I still feel the need to reward myself for such hard work.  Especially since I love food, okay well I love junk, but still dieting is a life style change and I'm working hard to make these changes permanent. So I'm rewarding myself with shoes.  Sperry's to be exact, red Sperry's.  I've wanted a pair for a long time but haven't been able to decide on the color, and I've recently realized I don't own red shoes, I have blue and pink and multi colored.  I have brown and white and black, silver and rose gold, but I don't have red.  I don't really like sandals, though I own several pairs because I really don't like my feet, and my chucks end up taking quite a beating come summer since they aren't really pool shoes, but Sperry's would be perfect to wear with my swimsuit and cover up and oh so adorable with so many different outfits, plus I could easily see wearing them into late September with some skinny jeans and a cute tee or sweater.

 I've become singlemindedly focused on these shoes, I've been laying here thinking about them all day and it was driving me crazy, hence the late blog post.

On a side note, I'm working to start a business as a stylist, so this blog will be getting a makeover and going back to it's roots which was fashion to begin with.

Thanks for reading...see you soon!