Graze Box Review

I have a Graze boxes to show you today, I signed up for a free trial to decide if I liked the service or not. Then I tossed the first one in my cabinet and forgot about it until the second one arrived. Then I took photos, ate all the snacks and then forgot about them until the third box arrived today. I swear I’m terrible at this stuff.

Graze is a company that sends out healthy snacks every two weeks for $6 a box. If you use this code you’ll get your first and fifth box free MANAS2GRP. And for disclosure purposes, I’ll get $1 off my next box everytime that code is used. It’s the friend code that they give to everyone upon signing up.

Graze does not currently cater to allergies. Which makes this box a bit hit and miss for me since I have several food allergies, but my husband isn’t allergic to any of the things I am, so he will be trying what I can’t.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Graze Box Review

This first one had Garden of England

Fashion and Happy Things!   Graze Box Review

which had mini strawberries, apples and black currants. I think this one was my favorite, but the name did make me biased.

Mango Chutney With Black Pepper DippersFashion and Happy Things!   Graze Box Review

Which is exactly as the name described and was spicier than I expected it to be.

Banoffee PieFashion and Happy Things!   Graze Box Review

With Banana, Fudge, Almonds and Pecans. I couldn’t eat this one because I’m allergic to almonds, but my husband said the best part was the pecans.

Fruit and Seed Flapjack

Fashion and Happy Things!   Graze Box Review

Rustic Rolled Oat Flapjack with Mixed Seeds an Dried Fruits. I was a big fan of this one. It kinda reminded me of a granola bar.

I have a second graze box and a third, but I haven’t tried the snacks in those yet, so I’ll show them later this week, or next week.



Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

For Christmas this year my husband got me a Kate Spade Bow Ring, which I have wanted for ages. But it didn’t fit, so we went to go exchange it, and the next size down was much to small. Apparently I’m a 6.5 ring size which Kate Spade just doesn’t do. So he decided to exchange it for something else. I decided to leave him to pick it out, since it was a gift we were exchanging, and my husband has wonderful taste anyways.

Knowing that I adore bows, and that I mostly, (read as only) wear silver, he picked up the Skinny Mini Necklace in silver.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

Fashion and Happy Things!   Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

I’m a sucker for details and Kate Spade’s packaging is just gorgeous. I may or may not have this bag sitting on top of my dress with the tissue paper still just so inside of it.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

Fashion and Happy Things!   Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

The necklace itself is well made and is a larger version of the bow that tops the bow rings. I adore the attention to detail right down to the wrapped knot in the center of the bow. I looks less like something that was molded out of silver and more like someone took a piece of molten silver and tied it into a bow then let it harden that wayFashion and Happy Things!   Kate Spade Skinny Mini Necklace Review

I love the attention to detail on the jewelry as well. The little bar stamped with Kate Spade New York and the cute little spade charm attached to the clasp of the necklace is not only pretty, but a bit superfluous since it’s generally covered by my hair. But it’s just that extra touch that says to me anyways that every part of our jewelry should be lovely even the bits that won’t be seen.

I’ve worn this necklace a handful of times since we made the exchange in January, and I sort of unceremoniously debuted it here in yesterday’s outfit post. This is definitely become one of my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry I own, and I’ve worn it dressed up like you saw yesterday, but also plenty of times with nice cozy outfits as well.

I prefer delicate and dainty jewelry, so this is kind of my version of a statement necklace. Large enough to be noticed, but delicate enough to not overwhelm. It can be worn with nearly anything and look absolutely perfect. It’s become my go to necklace and I completely recommend it and really any Jewelry from Kate Spade. It’s all so lovely, and well priced.

Do you have any Jewelry from Kate Spade? What’s your go to Jewelry piece?

Later this week I’ll have a makeup haul from Sephora (I visited Maxwell) and a ramble about a T-Shirt that I’m completely in love with. And another haul that will feature home items.

Blogmas Day 14: Empties/Products I’ve Used Up

This is going up really late, by about two weeks actually. I was going to post this video a few weeks ago, but every time I would try to upload it either Vegas Pro would crash, or I would get busy and it just wouldn’t get done. But here it finally is, my Empties/ Products I’ve used up video

Bonus note: My skintone matches my wall.

Blogmas Day 13: Victoria’s Secret Clean and Go Dry Shampoo Review

For the superstitious today is an unlucky day. For me however it’s a day to take a break from watching Christmas Movies and instead watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark. It’s also Taylor Swift’s Birthday, so Happy Birthday to her and her fans.

I thought I’d talk a bit about the Victoria’s Secret Dry Shampoo I bought, and will be repurchasing this weekend since I’m out of it, and almost out of shampoo. I waited til I was almost out of shampoo because Victoria’s Secret almost always has a 3 for $24 deal on their hair care products.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Blogmas Day 13: Victorias Secret Clean and Go Dry Shampoo Review

This is hands down the best Dry Shampoo I’ve ever used, just a little bit goes a long way, and it leaves your hair clean and volumized. It is a bit sticky which is weird but I actually kinda like it. It also smells really great, a little floral and soft, and almost but not quite powdery. I was Batiste obsessed for a while, and my husband still uses it when I remember to buy it for him, but this one is definitely my all time favorite.

What Dry Shampoo’s have you tried? Which one’s your all time favorite.

I know, I’ve managed to mention Victoria’s Secret in almost every post recently, and it’s starting to look like I should change my name to V.S. Anonymous. It’s okay, I promise that it’s only going to get worse. Seriously.

Do you ever do that, just get seriously obsessed with a company, and either buy all their stuff, or spend hours browsing their site wishing you could buy all their stuff? I go through phases, last year it was Topshop, and Jack Wills, but I never bought anything from them. But I’ll always love H&M, Kate Spade, Emi-Jay and Victoria’s Secret.

Angel Hair

A while ago I posted this haul where I showed a bunch of things I picked up from Victoria’s Secret. Today I’ll be posting a review on the Shampoo and Conditioner that I picked up.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Angel Hair

This stuff is amazing. I absolutely adore it. First it’s a great deal, $12 ea or $24 for 3. Second it smells amazing. I can’t really place where the smell is from, but both I and my husband like it. Well he likes it on me, it’s too girly smelling for him to use. Bonus the smell stays in my hair after it dries. Seriously that never happens with me. Usually it just washes away and that’s it.
Lastly it makes my hair look amazing:

Fashion and Happy Things!   Angel Hair

Fashion and Happy Things!   Angel Hair

Fashion and Happy Things!   Angel Hair

That first picture I swear my hair is just air dried. My dad also has those big Victoria’s Secret curls when he leaves his hair to air dry. Yes I said my Dad, his hair is also longer than mine. Way longer.

The other two photo’s are second day hair with a bit of the Victoria’s Secret Dry Shampoo brushed through. For some reason this always makes my hair so much straighter and I’m always a little sad because I miss the curls from the day before. I kinda want to try the Soft & Tousled Wave Enhancing Spray to see if that helps. The last photo is a bit frizzy because of wind. I remember we had a terrible time with it being windy that day.

You can find the original posts, for details about the outfits and makeup, here: 1,2,3

I really recommend Victoria’s Secret line of hair care. I’m actually surprised at how much I adore Victoria’s Secret’s beauty products. So far they’re my favorite I’ve ever used, and I’ve used Ojon, Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, and various BedHead shampoo’s and conditioners in just this past year.

Have you tried this line? What do you think? Any products I simply must try?