Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Howl's Medical Edition

There's no outfit for today. I planned to take some last night, but first I walked Howl, and when we came home from the walk we noticed he had new bruising and a lump on his neck, so it was immediately back to the emergency vet.

He's fine, it's just a from when his vet took his blood on Thursday. Because they typically like to draw blood from the jugular,  and can't put a pressure bandage around his neck it cause some swelling and bruising since he was still weak from everything else that has happened to him. It looks more terrifying than it really is, because Howl is behaving as if absolutely nothing is wrong. Which is wonderful.

This is a feature that I love doing every week, here. It's always one of my favorite posts to write, and I'm always sorry to miss it. But Howl comes first. I could just take a photo of what I'm wearing right now, but there is nothing stylish about my husbands H&M t-shirt, Gilly Hicks sweatpants and Under Armour socks. I'm still absolutely shattered after yesterday. All I want to do is lay down next to Howl and sleep.

However Howl did get groomed before all this happened and he is looking quite dapper if I do say so myself, so I'll leave you with some pictures of him.





Friday, September 27, 2013

Kiehls Rare Earth Cleanser and Toner Review


I bought the Kiehls Rare Earth Cleanser and Toner a while ago. Originally I had gone in to get the Rare Earth Mask but they didn't have it, and since I needed a Cleanser and Toner I just went for these. I still haven't bought the mask, but I really want to.


I don't think I've had a rave review about a cleanser in a very long time. Not since Liz Earle broke my heart. But I really like this cleanser. It's a cream cleanser, which means it doesn't foam at all. Which I like. I'm not actually a fan of foaming cleansers, I much prefer cream, balm, or milk cleansers. This one has bits of Amazonian Clay in it that help soak up the oil, keep it at bay and provide a bit of exfoliation. But unlike other products that claim to have gentle exfoliation this one really doesn't tear at your skin or rip open acne blemishes unless you scrub too hard. It sort of reminds me of that Dermalogica Powder exfoliant, which I have added to this on occasion to give it some extra oomph.  I absolutely adore this cleanser, and while it took me a while to figure out how much to use, you really only need the tiniest bit, I will be repurchasing this when it runs out. I keep forgetting how much I love Kiehls products until I repurchase one.

How I Use It: This is either the first or second step in my routine. I use it every morning first thing, followed by another cleanser and the rest of my routine, and if I'm not wearing makeup I use it first at night, followed by the same morning routine, but if I've worn makeup that day then I take my makeup off first then follow with my morning routine. I apply it to slightly damp skin, and then take it off with a Hot cloth.


I'm gonna have to give this toner the same love that I'm giving the cleanser in this line. If you have oily skin even if you use nothing else, use this before your moisturizer. I've used it with another toner before, I've used it on it's own. With the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser, with Origins products,  with a heavy moisturizer, and with a light oil free one. In a box, with some socks, this toner is better than green eggs and ham. Instead of feeling oily all day, my skin feels like it properly absorbs my moisturizer and is clean and fresh. It's probably my favorite toner I've ever used.

How I Use It: I mentioned above this varies. Sometimes I use it with another toner or other products, but it's always the last toner I use if I'm using other toners with it. I shake the bottle really well, poor a bit in my hand and pat all over my face. A little goes a long way, and I find I use less of this product applying it this way, rather than with a cotton pad.


All in all I highly recommend both of these products if you have oily skin.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Tut Tut, It Looks Like Rain

First and formost, Keiko Lynn beat me to this title a while ago, but since I had been planning on using it for ages I wasn't going to let that stop me. I mean how many other blog posts are titled things like What to get him for Christmas? So yes, she did it first, but I'm doing it too. Does that make it a Trend?


Book Review: Bad Girls Trilogy



I read these books over the weekend and I debated on reviewing them as a Trilogy or singularly, but ultimately decided on doing them all together because I that's how I read them. As you can see I checked them out of the library. I'm a bit annoyed because I had a hard time getting into one of the books and I spent too much time on it before I gave up and now I still have 3 books to read and they're due back tomorrow. These 3 were the first ones I read, because despite turning 27 in exactly 1 week, I'm still a big fan of YA and wish my local Libraries (there's 3 of them close to me) had more of them. This series is by Katie Alender.

A quick overview all three books are about Alexis and her sister Kelsey.

Bad Girls Don't Die:


The first book in the Trilogy, Alexis is worried about the changes she's noticed in her younger sister Kasety. It's beginning to seem as if she were a different person all together. Her creepy, obsessive behavior over her dolls, stealing other kids homework from school and terrible cruel attitude make Alexis believe that something is really wrong with her. Alexis is a loner in general, so on top of trying to save her sister, she's also dealing with a new friend and boyfriend. Sometimes it's more than a house that is haunted.

From Bad To Cursed:


Kasey's home again, and is now entering her freshmen year of high school. Alexis and her best friend Megan are so relieved when Kasey starts making new friends they almost don't notice that there's something not entirely Sunny about The Sunshine Club. While always reminding each other to stay sunny, the girls are becoming more and more beautiful and popular each day. But when the girl that always walked with a cane suddenly doesn't need it anymore, and the goth girl starts dressing like Jackie O, Alexis and Megan know something is very wrong. So they join the Sunshine Club to see what's going on. Only they both end up in over their heads. Will they be able to save Kasey? Or will everyone stay Sunny?

As Dead As It Gets:


The Final book in the Trilogy finds Alexis and her friends in trouble again. After having broken up with her boyfriend and an accident that kills one of her friends and leaves her able to see ghosts in the last book, Alexis is just an absolute mess. She barely takes any photos anymore, and is misses her ex so much she also almost misses the new guy dying to be her boyfriend right in front of her. Everything is nearly picture perfect once she does start dating him. Sure he's a bit controlling, but he has his reasons. However when girls that Alexis knows start going missing, and turning up dead or nearly so, it looks like it's Alexis's doing. But when Kasey goes missing, and there was no possible way that Alexis could have done it, she knows she has to do something With the help of her ex-boyfriend, her best friend and a ghost, Alexis can only hope she gets to Kasey in time.


Final Verdict I absolutely adored this series. Despite the books looking like they were long, I finished them all in 2 days. I was also left wanting to read more about Alexis and Kasey's lives. But sadly for me, the author confirmed that 3 was the magic number. However she does have a new book just out that I'm dying to read and review for called Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer.

For this weeks outfit, it's another get the look type set. To be honest I dress more like Kasey in the third book, but since Alexis is the main protagonist I wanted to represent her.

Alexis Bad Girls Don't Die Trilogy

I chose a distressed sweater, this particular one is from Wildfox, but Sheinside has some cute ones too, some Jeans and boots from H&M because I totally feel like she would shop there. It covers so many different styles. And a half heart necklace (read the first book, you'll get it.) Then a film camera since she's a bit of a photography snob, I'm totally all for that by the way. And some Manic Panic dye, with the pastel creme addition.

I kinda feel like I could totally wear this outfit. Definitely those boots though I'd wear them with tights and a skirt or leggings. I might wear the jeans, but personally I'd go with a cardigan or a stripey top, but for Alexis this totally works. Keep your makeup simple if you wear any, but if I were dressing as Alexis I'd wear black or grey eyeliner and a simple nude matte lip.

Have you read this series? If not what are you waiting for?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stylish Sundays: First Of Fall

This is my first official Fall outfit post, since today is the first day of fall. I along with most of the fashion world, absolutely adore fall. It kicks of the coziest time of the year and everything changes. From now until just after Valentines Day the world is wonderful.


Of course since I'm still ill, the first outfit is just a toe in to fall fashion. I adore these green pants from H&M, last seen here. And this studded top from Gap is one of my absolute favorites, last seen here. My shoes are also studded loafers, that are the brand Wanted and I got from DSW.


For my bracelet I just wore an H&M black and gold bangle, and on my nails is Lancome's Noir Caviar which is still going strong as my all time favorite. I actually think I might need to buy a new bottle soon, because I'm seriously running low.


Here's a better look at the shoes. I absolutely love these, and even though I've worn them in all seasons, I think they're at their best when paired with fall fashions.


On my face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Vanilla, Nars Deep Throat Blush, YSL Babydoll Mascara


Howl is doing much better, which I am very excited about. This is his first fall ever. Since he was born in February. And I am so excited for him to play in leaves and go trick or treating with my son. And honestly? Winter was so weird last year I'm not even sure he saw snow last year.


Fall is definitely off to a very good start.



Thursday, September 19, 2013

Boy Meets Girl

One of my favorite things about Twitter, and the internet in general, is discovering things you wouldn't have otherwise known about and then absolutely adoring those things. This is the case with Boy Meets Girl. They followed me on Twitter and I vaguely remembered hearing a youtuber talk about them. So I followed back, and checked out their website. They sell leggings, pants, jewelry, but their stand out items for me are their Alice Tees and Coco Hoodies.

So I decided that since October is such an awesome month for me, that I would keep the awesomeness going and buy one of the Old School Coco Hoodies:

[caption id="attachment_1585" align="alignnone" width="300"]Grey_Coco_2_1024x1024 Grey Coco[/caption]

Seriously, how cute is that hoodie? I absolutely adore it. And October through November they'll be donating 20% of the proceeds from all sales of their Old School Coco Hoodies to BullyBust. BullyBust is a nationwide bully prevention awareness effort that helps adults and students stand up for what is right. Boy Meets Girl support BullyBust through an online video campaign #bmgLiveOutLoud with youtuber Cassandra Bankson or DiamondsandHeels14. The video campaign encourages women to speak about times they stood up to a bully so others will be less afraid to stand up as well.

But then I noticed they do a personalized version:

[caption id="attachment_1587" align="alignnone" width="300"]katie_lowres73_1024x1024 Personalized[/caption]


[caption id="attachment_1588" align="alignnone" width="300"]you__me_1_1024x1024 Pre-Made You And Me[/caption]

And now I'm torn. I'm virtually certain that I want the personalized version but I don't know if I want to go with the pre-made You and Me, but in Grey and Black or if I want to do the Personalized Old School Coco Hoodie.

If I did the Personalized Old School Hoodie then my options are:

  1. Andy - Mana

  2. Shrew - Bear

  3. Photographer - Blogger

While I think I know my favorite, I'm not completely certain. I'm torn between buying the plain one and donating to BullyBust or buying a personalized one. So that's where you guys come in, I want you to vote on which one I choose in the comments below, and then I reveal which one I chose when in a future OOTD.

Bonus note: The youtuber I first heard about the company from was Meghanrosette. I absolutely adore her, and should you decide that you want one of your own Boy Meets Girl hoodies, she has a 10% off code over on her blog that you should go check out.

All Images were taken by Mark Mez and used with permission from Boy Meets Girl. All opinions are my own, and this post is not sponsored.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Book Review: Cemetery Girl

I'm going to open with there's no outfit for this one. I said that I would include an outfit if I were particularly affected by a book, and then just somehow got in the habit of posting an outfit with each review. However that's not why there's no outfit, honestly it's just that I'm sick again, and from now until July you'll be hearing that a lot. Between allergies and having a low immune system, I'm just constantly ill. It's why I've done a couple of sick day posts. I will try my best to get Stylish Sundays up each week, but I can't promise that the book reviews will always have an outfit.

Now onto the book review:


As you can see I picked this book up at Target and then ended up loaning it to my mother the same day. This book is incredibly disturbing. I didn't find it as disturbing as my mother found it, but even so. However my Mother has two girls, and I have one boy so that might have effected things a bit. Especially when you consider my mom has read some incredibly fucked up books and not batted an eye.

It's about the Stuart Family, Tom, Abbey and Caitlin, and the aftermath of Caitlin's disappearance when she's 12 years old. She's found 4 years later eerily calm and unwilling to talk about the time she was gone. When an arrest is finally made she refuses to testify against him.

Having just had his marriage dissolve, Tom is obsessed with finding out what happened to Caitlin while she was gone, even going so far as to using her as leverage with her kidnapper to get them both to talk.

I found the whole book to be creepy, and I sympathized the most with the Father until the end when his obsession with finding out what happened to her sends him off the deep end. In the end I was just disturbed by everyone. I absolutely hated the mother, and found her behavior to be not only pathetic, but weak and selfish. She finds her religion, which is not a bad thing to do when your child is missing. I'm not a church goer now, but I can't say I what I would do if my son were to go missing. No, the worst part is it's implied that she cheats on her husband with and then she leaves him for the Church's pastor. The only one that I didn't end up hating was Caitlin and that was only because I attributed her behavior to what she'd been through the last 4 years.

Final Verdict: I don't know if I recommend this book. I think I was too disturbed by it, it didn't give me nightmares or anything, but I can't see picking it up for a re-read anytime soon. If you're into this sort of book then go for it.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Give A Minute, Help Make A Wish

I participated in this sponsored campaign for One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.


The Make-A-Wish Foundation is very near and dear to my heart. Having grown up with a sister who was very ill, I spent some time visiting in the hospital. Thankfully my sister was never sick enough to need a wish, but I have met some children who were. So when I was contacted by the One2One Network about writing a post promoting the Straight Talk: Give A Minute, Help Make A Wish, I agreed immediately.


Every Saturday in September, if you go to your local  participating Walmart and listen to a Straight Talk Representative talk for one minute about Straight Talk, then they will donate one dollar to the Make-A-Wish foundation up to 1,000,000. Everyone has a minute to spare.

Don't know if your Walmart is participating? Or just flat out don't live near one? Well don't worry because Straight Talk will donate $1 up to $100,000 towards their $1,000,000 goal for each share of the video on It is limited to 1 per viewer, per day.


Before you decide you won't "waste" just one minute of your time or the time it takes to watch and share the video, think about all the children that deserve to have just one wish come true? Think about the happiness that a wish come true could bring a very sick child. Then think about the 6 hours you wasted last night on Candy Crush. Yep, I went there.

This is the second year that Straight Talk is hosting this program. Last year's was super successful in reaching their $1,000,000 goal, and I don't see why we can't all make this year's just as successful!

To everyone that has already, plans to, or goes out and participates in Straight Talk Wireless's: Give A Minute, Help Make A Wish program, I would like to extend a very sincere Thank You. You're helping make a child's wish come true.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stylish Sundays: Proper Autumn

This week's photos were taken on Friday the 13th. Which as I mentioned in my And Other Spooky Stories post, was actually a pretty good day for me. It was the first day this year that felt like proper Autumn, and I got to pull out Boots and a Sweater.


I'm wearing a Utility Jacket from H&M, Hollister Sweater, Gray Tank from H&M, Gap Legging Jeans, and Pink and Pepper Boots.


Even though it's from Hollister and I'm not actually a fan of the Abercrombie company and it's policies, I actually really love this sweater, and would totally buy more sweaters from them. This one is really soft and comfortable and washes well, even though it says dry clean only.
The jacket I bought from H&M last spring, and it's absolutely awesome. I last wore it here. I adore this jacket, it's comfortable and it's perfect to layer with a sweater on extra chilly days.


These boots from Pink and Pepper I bought last year and I adore them. Despite the one inch heel they are incredibly comfortable and are my absolute favorite riding boots I've ever owned.


There's no good close up of it this week, but I'm wearing the Pen Necklace Miss Cannady bought me last year for my birthday. I am obsessed. It's probably my most worn necklace.


I am completely in love with my makeup from these photos too. I'm wearing Lancome's Tient Visionaire foundation and concealer, Nars Deep Throat Blush, Lancome Eyeshadows, YSL Baby Doll Mascara, Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in Madam Tulip, and Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder.


Of course here's Howl's close up. If you're wondering why his front leg has been shaved, that was from his time in the hospital. He is doing so so so much better, but he's still on medication and constant surveillance.

How did your Friday the 13th go?

Friday, September 13, 2013

And Other Spooky Stories

Yesterday when my Husband called me to make sure I knew it was raining so I could open the windows, he also reminded me that this Friday would be the 13th. Personally I love Friday the 13th, but I know that a lot of people think it's unlucky, and would much prefer to stay in. So if you have that opportunity, then I'd really recommend reading a book. I mean it would be just your luck that you'd get electrocuted turning on your DVR. Since Halloween is just around the corner, and Friday the 13th is a scary day for a lot of people anyway why not make that book a scary one?

I've decided to list out some of my favorite scary books that I completely recommend. There will be full reviews later. Most likely you can get these at your local library, or on nook or kindle if you really don't want to go outside.

1. The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury


Really anything by Ray Bradbury, no one does Horror/Sci Fi like Bradbury. He is the king of creepy. Bonus: there was an episode of Criminal Minds based around the Illustrated Man

2. My Sweet Audrina by V.C. Andrews


If Bradbury is the King of Creepy, Andrews is the Queen of Demented. While not outright Horror, these books are scary, and straight up messed up.

3. Misery By Stephen King


I'm virturally 100% certain Stephen King has been called the Master Of Horror. I agree.

4. The Killing Edge by Heather Graham


Be careful which you pick up, she writes both Horror and Love Stories, I'm not a fan of the love stories, but the Horror are some of the best I've read. I adore her.

5. Video Kill by Joanne Fluke


Best known for her Hannah Swensen Series, Joanne Fluke does murder well.

That's it for the Adult books, but I do have some YA books that fit into the Horror and Supernatural Category.

1. The Night World Series by L.J. Smith


These books are the right amount of Vampires, Witches and just a bit scary. Best known for The Vampire Diaries, L.J. Smith has some amazing Supernatural Fiction.

2. The Den Of Shadows Quartet by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes


Barely older than me, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes publishes her first book at age 14, and they're good.

3. The Wicked Series by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié


Loved this series. So much that after finishing Witch in the first volume, I went back and bought the final two volumes in the set. There are 5 books in the series total, 2 in the first volume, 2 in the second and the third is the final book.

4. Fear Street Nights by R.L. Stine


I've been reading R.L. Stine since I was little and my grandmother much preferred me to be reading Sweet Valley High or Nancy Drew instead. While I liked those books (okay Loved Nancy Drew) nothing compared to the thrill I got from the Fear Street books.

5. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold


This book (now a major motion picture) freaked me out. But more than this one, I recommend Alice Sebold's Lucky. It's the true story of her Rape and it's aftermath. There is nothing scarier than reality, and that book made me afraid to go anywhere by myself at night for months.

Moving on to Childrens books. I don't have as many of these as I do the others, I graduated from childrens books to YA completely by the time I was in 3rd grade. I actually read My Sweet Audrina in 1st grade (Boy was my mom pissed when she caught me putting it back on the shelves, then she was even madder when she found out at the end of our long conversation that her 1st grader fully understood what was had happened in such a dark and twisted book.) However these books are suitable for kids and will always hold a special place in my heart.

1. A Night In Terror Tower , Goosebumps Series by R.L. Stine


I adore Goosebumps, my 2nd grader is obsessed with the series right now, and not only are we absolutely devouring the books, but the series is on Netflix instant play. Know your kid before you hand these over though, even as an adult some of these still creep me out. My kid is all Ook and Spook, but if yours is more into faery-tales then these may not be for them

2. Grimms Faery-Tales by The Brothers Grimm


If you have the kind of kid that's into Faery-Tales and you want something scary then this is the book for you. Bear in mind that this is not disney's Cinderella and Snow White. Bad things happen in these books. Noses are pecked off, Bears eat people. These are the Originals.

3. Wait Til Helen Comes by Mary Downing Hann


I've mentioned this book before, I read this in 3rd grade and it is still my All Time Favorite book. Mary Downing Hann does Children's Horror well, I recommend A Doll In The Garden and The Old Willis Place.  I remember being warned that I would have nightmares, and my father had to call the school with the Hellraiser story (My mother put on Looney Toons for me when I was in Kindergarten, fell asleep and woke to find me laughing at pinhead. I still find him funny, a pin cushion is not a proper monster.)

Now for some Honorable Mentions:

The Mysterious Mr. Quinn by Agatha Christie
Bedlams Barde Series by Mercedes Lackey (And virtually everything else she wrote)
Dresdin File Series by Jim Butcher
Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan (Bonus this book was Banned from a lot of libraries, personally I don't think any book ever should be banned. Especially not this one, it's one of my childhood favorites, and I'd kill to have a copy of it now)
Encyclopedia of Vampires, Werewolves and Other Monsters by Rosemary Guiley
The Vampire Chonicles by Anne Rice
The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith

And Last but not least the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, I don't consider it horror, but my mother absolutely insisted it be included. When you think about it some absolutely terribly stuff happens to young Potter, and it certainly could be considered scary to some kids. Mostly I think it fits the Supernatural bill, but you might find it under action or adventure as well.

For more Horror Novel Recommendations I suggest you check out this video by Katie from Chapterstacks on Youtube.

What are some of your favorite Horror Novels?



Thursday, September 12, 2013

Madewell Drifter Sunglasses

I know I never review clothing items, and that these were meant to be shown in a Haul, and then probably never mentioned again, but I just couldn't do that. I adore these glasses and decided they needed their own post all to themselves.


Because I'm excessively clumsy I never really like to pay more than $5 for sunglasses. I know that I will inevitably break them or loose them. But I fell in love with Emma Stone's Rag and Bone Monroe glasses, and knew there was no way I'd pay that much for them, so I began searching for a suitable copy. I found them at Madewell. Then I waited impatiently for them to go on sale because they were $50. And that seems like a lot of money to spend on something you've only ever paid $5 at H&M for in the past.

I adore Madewell, they are the kind of place where I only buy stuff when its on sale, because when they have sales they're amazing. Seriously, like 30% to 50% off of already reduced merchandise kind of sales. Which was the case with these glasses. I only paid $29.50 for them, which is $20 off the original price. And they came with a cloth case that I kinda adore.


Since when they aren't on my face they live in my purse, I don't really have to worry about them being crushed because I have lots of compartments in my purse,so nothing is disorganized.

I've only had these a bit over a week and I've already worn them in two posts.

Last weeks Stylish Sundays: Spiked Rose Gold


And yesterdays Book Review: Things We Didn't Say


And I can promise you will be seeing them again and again. Because I'm absolutely in love with these. The fit well, don't give me a headache, which is common with glasses. The lenses aren't completely black, they're more of a grey, which is perfect for me because I wear them when I drive, and since they aren't to dark I can wear them when the sun is setting without feeling like I can't see. Plus I adore tortoiseshell.

If you decide that you want them, you're in luck, because they're still on sale here, and they have them in 3 colors.

Bonus note: Howl Totally approves


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Book Review: Things We Didn't Say


I originally read this book over a year ago, and recently picked it up for a thumb through when I was sick. I forgot how much I liked it. Things We Didn't Say by Kristina Riggle is a really moving story, told from several points of view over a period of 48 hours.

Stepping into a ready made family is never easy, and on the morning the Casey's secrets are driving her out, Dylan her soon to be stepson disappears after being dropped of at school. In the ensuing terror and upset as the family searches for Dylan, Casey's secrets, among others come out, changing everything.

This story was written really well. Everyone's back story while perhaps a bit traditional, since you  have the new Fiance, the Father, the bratty teens, the overlooked middle child, the brainy youngest, and the Batcrap Crazy ex-wife, it's all still really well written out. The people don't feel flat or one dimensional. Casey seems to be the only one who keeps her head in all of this mess, everyone else either goes off the deep end with worry, or in the case of the ex-wife is incredibly self absorbed and thriving on the Drama.

For me this story was a bit out of my comfort zone. The family dynamic type stories aren't ones I usually read. In truth, I usually read either flippy little murder mysteries, supernatural type books, or dark and twisted books. This book felt more like a messed up sitcom to me than any of those. But I did enjoy it.

Final Verdict, I recommend it. While it's not a light read by any means, it's still a really good one. I know I didn't go into much detail, but it's the secrets in this books that make it so interesting.

The outfit I'm wearing was inspired by Nina of after the 40 bar finish. I really loved the outfit when I saw her wear it, and remembered it instantly when I saw my floral pants sitting on the chair in my room waiting to be put away.



I'm wearing a Feed For Target Chambray, Floral Pants from H&M (last seen here) and Sam Edelman Calypso Flats in Black.



I paired it with my Lover's Locket from Jewelmint, which has been one of my favorites for this season so far, and been pretty much just alternating with my Pen Necklace.


Close up of the Sam Edelman's. These are definitely one of my favorite pairs of shoes and well worth every dime.



I also wore my Madewell Drifter sunglasses and had a pink Emi-Jay hairtie for pulling back my hair while driving.


On my face was Lancome's Tient Vissionaire Foundation and Concealer,  Nars Deep Throat, YSL Babydoll Mascara, NYX Skinny Eye Marker Eyeliner, and whatever random lip gloss I grabbed out of my purse first.

I felt surprisingly comfortable in this outfit, even though tucked in shirts are way out of my comfort zone. Have you worn anything out of your comfort zone lately and then ended up feeling like you were pulling it off.