Makeup Forever

Way back in February I went to Sephora to pick up a few things and while I was there Maxwell did my makeup with the Makeup Forever 50 shades collection. It was new at the time but I don’t think you can find it now, though if you looked up reviews I’m sure you’d be able to find similar colors in Makeup Forever’s permanent collection.


I just found this picture that was meant for that post today. I don’t remember everything he used but I do know it’s all Makeup Forever except my foundation which was Nars Tinted Moisturizer. However this picture is to amazing to not have been ever used. It’s owed all to Maxwell’s talents as a makeup artist.


Necklace: H&M, Hair: Color Ion Skye Blue and Azure

Purple Hair: Dyeing and Maintaining

Warning this post is long:

Right before Halloween I decided to dye my hair purple. I was having a major existential crisis, and feeling like I had no control over the things I was doing and then while I was at the grocery store this image popped up in my twitter feed:

Gaby Dunn Purple Hair Twitter Profile

The always lovely Gaby Dunn

and then I looked down to see this:


So I bought it. But this isn’t what I used.

For those of you who don’t know the woman in the picture above is Gaby Dunn. You can (and should) find her here, here, and here, and other places like Buzzfeed, and this interview that she did with Tim Minchin, which I think everyone everywhere needs to read.

I posted on twitter that I had been inspired to impulse dye my hair purple because of Gaby’s image and tagged her in it with a picture of that dye. She told me that Splat has a tendency to wash out quickly and that she used Pravana.

The always lovely Gaby Dunn's hair braided by Kristen Mortensen

The always lovely Gaby Dunn’s hair braided by Kristen Mortensen

I didn’t end up using Pravana either though, because once I get an idea in my head I have to do it right now. So I went to Sally’s and bought Color Ion Fuchsia and Lavender, with the Color Ion Color Shield Conditioner.

fashionandhappythings-7801 fashionandhappythings-7800fashionandhappythings-7803

This is how it turned out:


This is how I got this color: I mixed 1/4th of a tube of Fuchsia with a dab of Lavender in a Dye bowl that I bought for about a $1 and it came with a brush. fashionandhappythings-7796

Then I added about 20-30 pumps of conditoner:


And I mixed it all up until it looked like yogurt:


and I applied the mixture to dry hair, put on a shower cap and left for it for 3 hours:


You are not getting a picture of me in a shower cap, only tumblr is that lucky

To maintain the color I wash my hair about once a week with the Regis Purple Shampoo:


and then I make the above mixture using less conditioner and dye than in the above picture and I leave it on for about an hour or two depending on what time I’ve put it in my hair.

When I went to Sally’s recently to get more dye they had the Violet dye that I had originally wanted:


so I added it to my usual dye mixture so that it looked like this:


If you’re wondering why I didn’t just switch straight to this since it’s the color I originally wanted, since my hair is already Fuchsia the lady at Sally’s recommended I mix it in using less Fuchsia and more Violet each time until I’m using only Violet when I run out of the Fuchsia.

and after I applied it I got this color:


the color is a bit brighter than this, it was dark outside when we took the picture

I did not bleach my hair when I dyed it, which is part of why my hair isn’t as bright as hers is. My hair was a pretty light blonde already, but I do plan on bleaching it come summer when I change colors.

If you could dye your hair any color, what color would you dye it?


*I got permission from Gaby to use her photo’s in this post. You should always get permission before you use someone else’s photos, it’s just the right thing to do.



Conair You Waving Wand Review


I bought the Conair You Waving Wand the first time I got my hair cut because I wanted something really easy to use, but different from the Conair You Curl Infinity Wand which I’ve had since it came out.


I remembered that Fleur De Force talked about a curling wand like this in one of her videos, except hers was the Babyliss one, so I decided to try it out. The first thing I did when I got it was throw away that 3 fingered glove thing because even though I haven’t ever burned my fingers with the Infinity Wand, I did manage to burn myself with this wand using that glove. Since I got rid of it though I haven’t had a problem.


The main reason I purchased the Conair version instead of the one from Remington is because of the heat settings. I had a bad experience with someone curling my hair that caused me to have to get my hair cut in the first place.  I only use this set to the 330 or 310 degree temperature, but I can say that it does heat up quickly.


These are the kinds of curls that I get from this curling wand. I usually use 1 inch or larger sections rapped around for a count of 10. But if you used smaller sections then you’d get tighter waves from it.

I absolutely love this curling wand and use it about once a week, and the curls last for about 3 days until I need to wash my hair.  I fully recommend it.

Interview: Maxwell Leclerc, Makeup Artist

I had the opportunity this weekend to make an appointment with and interview my friend Maxwell Leclerc.

For those of you that don’t know, Maxwell is a makeup artist, who studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and he is a Beauty Adviser/Color Expert for Sephora in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. You can find Maxwell on Instagram here.


My questions will be in italics and all of his answers are his own words. We decided it would be amazing for him to do a makeup look on me, using his absolute must have products. There are pictures from that session, interspersed through the interview.

 How long have you been doing makeup, and what got you started?
I’ve been working in cosmetic medium for approximately 5 years, but I have spent my entire lifetime exploring the beauty and aesthetics of women since I can remember. I specifically remember seeing a Playboy at age 3, and that must be where the interest stems from. My grandfather was an artist and his home was filled with sculptures and paintings of the nude femme body. I was obsessed… The hair, the makeup, the flesh. I also recall my mother wearing incredibly stunning and dramatic makeup throughout most of my childhood and teens. I always just wanted to somehow capture and create work that represented my strong affection towards beauty and women. My primary work as an illustrator has always been faceted by strong ideals of beauty and sexuality, so it is entirely inherent that I became a makeup artist.


I’ve seen some of your paintings on Instagram and they’re gorgeous, how long have you been painting?
I have been painting since I was a child. The Little Mermaid was my first dose of inspiration. All my stick figures had red hair! In High School I won a national Scholastic award for a series of 27 illustrations I did from Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the d’urbervilles, and then attended the Art Academy for 4 years. Once I realized I wanted to do makeup full time I dropped out right before graduation and my true pursuit of  beauty began to blossom.


What other Artists are you inspired by?
So many! I’ve always been inspired by the work of Alberto Vargas, Aubrey Beardsley, Eduard Manet, Halston, and McQueen of course… These artists’ aesthetic of beauty have gravely influenced how I’ve shaped my own.

As a Makeup Artist, what are some of your must have products?
Must haves: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagent Mascara, Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes shadow pencil in ME-54, urban decay Naked 3, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, Nars contour Bronzer Duo in Olympia, Hourglass femme rouge velvet cream lipstick, makeupforever aqua lip liner, and Marc Jacobs Lust for Lacquer lip gloss.


Products shown and used: Nars Radiance Enhancing Pro Prime, Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Makeup Forever Aqua Matic in ME54, Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eyeliner in Jazzberry, Urban Decay Naked Three Palette the colors:Strange, Buzz and Trick, Darkside, Marc Jacobs Full Coverage Creamy Concealer in Awake, Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder in Translucent, Nars Blush in Unlawful, Nars Bronzer in Olympia, Nars Highlighter in Albatross, Makeup Forever Rouge Artist in #22 Pink Peach, Marc Jacobs Lust for Laquer in 306 Sweet Escape, Makeup Forever Smokey Extravagant Mascara in Black


Of course, since this is a Fashion Blog at heart, what is your go to outfit for when you’re running late?
When I’m running late I like to combine something comfortable with something chic. An easy look is best to relieve anxiety of already being late so I like to wear a wife-beater with a cool blazer and a pair of jeans or running sweats.


And finally I know you’re a movie buff, what is your must watch movie list?
Melancholia, Under the Skin, Nymphomaniac and Matilda

And here’s the final look:


and outside in the daylight:


I plan to buy everyone of the products that he used that I don’t currently have. They’re amazing. And a very sincere thank you to Maxwell for agreeing to this crazy interview. It’s rare you get to work with someone who’s not only talented, but incredibly intelligent as well.



Current Skin Care Routine

I woke up today, to a clean house, feeling better than I have all week. Add in that I had packages coming from Ann Taylor today and you could say it’s been a really great day so far. I know I’ve been MIA from the blogging world this past week, but this cold absolutely wiped me out. I haven’t felt that sick in a long time, and I’m kinda the queen of getting sick.

When I’m sick like I was last week, I seriously just use face wipes and moisturizer. Unless I’ve had to put on Makeup for some reason, then I actually wash my face. But I’m excited to get back to using the products that are currently in my skin care routine.

My first step is the Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream. fashionandhappythings-1408

Seriously one use of this and my skin looks amazing again. It smells great and it’s super gentle, which is great because the skin around my nose is super tender right now.  I only use this about once a week.

Second Step is the Kiehls Blue Herbal Cleansing Gel.


I’ve used this on and off for years, but I especially like using it after I’ve been sick. It feels invigorating and it really clears out my skin.

Twice a week I’ll use that cleanser with my Clarasonic


I absolutely love my Clarasonic and I’m so happy that I have one. I could probably use it everyday since I use the brush head for Acne Prone Skin, but I always try to at lease use it twice a week. After I use it my skin just looks and feels so much better.

Next I use the Nars Multiaction Hydrating Toner.


This is the only picture I have of it, but it’s the one in the middle. I like this toner, but it does have some illuminating shimmer or something in it. However it’s a good quick fix product. It makes my skin look more radiant as soon as I put it on. I’m currently on the hunt for something else, and I don’t use this every day. Only when I feel like my skin needs some extra oomph.

Then for moistruizer I use Murad’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 PA+++ for blemish prone skin


Honestly that’s the longest name ever. I ran out of my Nars moisturizer one day and I found this in a drawer and decided to use it up. I’m actually really loving using it, and I want to try other products in the Murad Line again. With as pale as I am, sunscreen in my moisturizer is really important. I sit right next to a window for most of the day, and a lot of the time if it’s not too hot, that window is open. I try to protect my skin as much as possible.

My final step is my Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue.


I use this morning and night and it has lasted me forever. I probably won’t repurchase this though because I don’t know that it’s really doing anything for me personally.

So that’s my skincare routine as of right now. However it will probably change as things run out. I do want to try some things from First Aid Beauty and I need to find a couple good masks, moisturizing and detoxing preferably.  Once I notice that my skin care routine has completely changed I’ll do an updated skin care routine post. I really do agree with the French, take good care of your skin, and use less makeup. It’s so nice being able to just use a tinted moisturizer now instead of a full heavy foundation. And because of a good routine, and medication from my dermatologist, my skin has cleared up enought that I might go back to the Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation I loved, but it just wasn’t working with my skin.


What are your go to skin products? Let me know in the comments below!