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Stylish Sundays: Happiness is Cable Knit

I don’t think you guys know this, but I have exactly one outfit in my closet that I feel 100% myself and completely comfortable in. And no it’s not yoga leggings, though I do love those too. This is the outfit that I was wearing under my coat in my Bitter River book review.


Cable Knit Sweater (similar) American Eagle Western Denim Shirt, Gap Legging Jeans, Victoria Secret Tote, and Bear Paw Boots.

I plan on buying so many more sweaters and oxfords/flannels as soon as I’m off my spending ban. It’s not a complete ban, I’ll still be replacing things I run out of, but until Christmas I’m mostly buying presents. I just feel like myself in this outfit. So you’ll probably be seeing some version of this again.


The preppy girls uniform, and I adore it. I would have worn my white gap oxford, but it needs to be cleaned. The tote bag is my library bag, and it was last years V.S. Black Friday Tote.


Normally I don’t wear these boots out in public. I don’t have anything against those who do, I just normally don’t. It’s why I don’t own Uggs. However those bow back bailey boots from Uggs are kinda making me rethink my position on them, because they’re adorable.


On My Face: Rimmel London’s Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation. I absolutely am adoring it, Nars Deep Throat Blush, YSL Babydoll Mascara, Lancome Metallic Taupe, Benefit Watts Up, and Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

My Jewelry:Kate Spade Gumdrop earrings (renamed the small square studs) and a Key necklace that was a gift.

My Hair: Simple Ponytail using an Emi-jay hair tie


Close up of the necklace.


There are no pictures of Howl today. I was running late getting to the library and just had these photos take really quickly before I left.


Ins and Outs or Why Won’t My Puppy Sleep?

I just read one of Elle Fowler’s Ins and Outs posts, which she’s done on and off for the several years I’ve followed her in her various internet incarnations. So I was inspired to do one of my own.


  • Gap Tee Shirts, they really do have the perfect fit for me,as you’ll see very soon.
  • Reading, I haven’t been reading much lately, but I just finished the book Easy by Tamara Webber and I want to read more and I might start doing book reviews here, inspired of course by my next in…
  • Booktubers, specifically Chaperstackss. She has the most similar reading taste to me of the booktubers I’ve watched, and I always adore any of the books she recommends.
  • Bare Nails, I know my nail challenge isn’t going well, because I keep buying polishes. But I’m really loving nothing on my nails right now. They’re finally not peeling anymore.
  • Fresh’s Umbrian Clay Mask, gentle enough to use every night, and effective at the same time, review on this very soon, but just a warning it will be a rave.
  • Howl, he’ll always be in, because I love him with all of my heart and he’s so cute and cuddly, but sometimes his behavior isn’t (see below)
  • Ren Skincare as a company, you already know why if you follow me on twitter, but there will be an upcoming post explaining why.
  • My new blog design, I adore it, and it makes me so happy, and feel very loved, because my husband spent 2 very frustrating days designing it for me. It may be among the top 5 gifts he’s ever given me, right up there with my Valentines Red Hunters, my Surprise Asos Anniversary Present, Howl and my engagement ring.
  • Homemade Tazo Passion fruit Tea, better than Starbucks and only 50 cents a glass, I’ll have a post up about it soon.


  • Howl not sleeping, he looks so sweet in that image up there, but that was taken the day he came home, right now it’s 2:33 am and he’s running around like a nutcase and growling at everything. He’s so naughty, but so adorable.
  • My bank Balance, seriously I have so many things I want to buy, but my bank says I’m broke. I keep shouting, THE SHOES, at my balance, but it like Roy and Moss, just don’t get it.
  • Not sleeping, I know I just covered this, but really not sleeping sucks.
  • This Heat, it’s insufferable, I can’t take anymore of it. I am a fall girl, or early to mid spring, but not summer at all.
  • Folding Laundry, I’ve always hated it, but now that it’s hot I hate it even more.
  • Acne, I just want it to go away, if I found a genie I would wish for acne and scar free skin, with enough freckles for them to be noticeable and pretty, but not so many that I’m covered or look like one giant freckle with no hidden cost, and at the harm of no one else. Don’t you read? Genies always trick you, and make you end up regretting your wish, and then you spend several chapters trying to get back what you had. Blah Blah Blah appreciate what you have and all that good stuff.

I guess I’m lucky this week? month? Not yet sure how frequent these will be. But I’m lucky because right now I have more things that I’m happy with than those that I’m unhappy with, and that’s a wonderful thing to realize. I just went from being grumpy to really happy. Now I’m off to bed and I’ll be posting this first thing in the morning, or afternoon, I’m actually really awful about that, yesterdays post didn’t go up til nearly 6pm, whoops.


Kate Somerville Clarifying Mask Review or It Burns Us

Bet you a Kate Spade Handbag that you can guess by the title and the image how this review is gonna go. Yep, that’s right I returned this. I almost never return things only if I have a really bad reaction to the product or I hate it enough that I refuse to give it away.

This one was the latter. I hated this so much I didn’t even take the time to get a proper product image before I returned this. As the title says it burned. Horribly. I’m talking tears here people, and I have used some intense acne treatments. This however was the most painful one I’ve ever tried. It warns on the box that your face will be red after use. Of course it will be, because this mask feels like it’s burning your face off.

But did it work? Why yes, yes it did. Not as well as some other masks I’ve used, but it worked. The next morning after using it my acne was smaller and my skin was bright. But it did nothing for my tiny little red scars that are left over from acne. It actually made those look worse.

Since those are what’s bothering me the most I’m going to try a few other masks. I currently have the Fresh Umbrian Clay one, and next on my list are the First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask, the Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal one and the Glam Glow Super Mud one everyone seems to be loving.

Final verdict? If you can handle the burn, and have severe acne then go for it. It works, but it might not get rid of your scars. Buy it here

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Feed USA + Target or Patriotic Haul

Happy (American) Independence Day. And what better way to celebrate than some good ol’ fashioned consumerism. Stimulate the economy and all that jazz, right? I went to Target yesterday, and Sephora on Monday so this is a collective haul. Both times I went in for something specific and accidentally bought other things on purpose.

From Sephora I bought the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mask, 2 L’Occitane Hand Creams in Hibiscus Flower and Mango Flower and since I spent more than $45 I got the Benefit Loves VIB’s kit which has Bad Gal Lash, Sugarbomb Lipgloss and Sunbeam.

From Target I got a white pair of mid-rise Mossimo Supply Shorts, a Tank  and Chambray Shirt from the new Feed USA+Target collaboration.

I know I talk a lot about wanting to visit France or move to Britain, but I do care about the country I live in now. Not only that, but I have a soft spot for “buy this and donate money to this” type things. I mean why wouldn’t you, if you were going to buy it anyway? Companies like Sevenly, which do a weekly set of items and $7 of your purchase goes to the charity they’re supporting that week, get me everytime. If I plan to buy a graphic tee I will almost always buy it from Sevenly.com  Which is why I’m completely obsessed with all of the Feed USA things at Target. I want it all and I can’t even ride a bike.

If you’re confused on what Feed USA is, it’s a charity that provides meals to American school children and family’s in need. It’s a charity that I support wholeheartedly, and I have purchased something from one of their collabs before, I just dunno what I’ve done with it. Sometimes the only meals a child gets a day are the ones they get from school, Feed USA makes sure they get that. Feed also partner’s with other countries and their goal is to end hunger world wide.

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Blogmas Day 6: Winterlicious Tag and bad news

First I’ll get the bad news out of the way, well bad news for me anyway. My laptop is currently dead, the hard drive is dead, and the screen is cracked. It happened today by accident .

The good news is my husband is going to replace the screen and the hard drive so I’ll have it back in a week or two. The other good news is that my laptop is not the only computer in the house so Blogmas will continue as regularly scheduled.

And speaking of Regularly scheduled I wanted to kick off my series of Tag posts with the Winterlicious Tag. I filmed a video of this as well and when I get that up I’ll link it here.

1. What is your favorite Winter Nail Polish?
A. Lancome Noir Caviar, it’s a lovely grey color and the formulation is amazing. It lasted 6 days with no chips, which I’ve never had from a nail polish before.

2. What is your favorite winter lip product?
A. Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Balm, this is definitely my most used lip product. the one I have is from a Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift, but I adore it.

3.Most worn winter clothing piece?
A. I don’t know if this really counts but my Duffle Coat from Delias, I hate being cold so a coat is definitely what I wear most. OR if that doesn’t count then leggings, because I totally wear them under my jeans for added warmth.

4. Most worn winter accessory?
A. My bobble hat from Super Dry, I got it as a present last Christmas and I adore it, it’s just so snuggly and warm

5. Favorite scent or winter candle?
A. Fireplace candle, you can get them anywhere from Walmart to Hallmark to  Yankee Candle. Fun fact, I used to hate this scent because I’d forget it was burning and try to figure out what was on fire. Now I think it’s the coziest smell ever.

6. Favorite Winter Beverage.
A. Tea, hot tea all year round. Or Eggnog

7. Favorite Holiday Movie?
A. THE GRINCH. The original one, not the Jim Carey one, but the 30 minute animated one, I’ve watched it probably close to 200 or 300 times in my life (10 to 15 times a year, and I’m 26 years old)

8. Favorite Holiday Song?
A. Hilary Duff’s Sleigh Ride. I don’t know why that version but it’s the one that makes me the happiest.

9. Favorite Holiday Food/Treat
A. My Aunt’s Yogurt Pie

10. Favorite Holiday Decoration?
A. My Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus ornaments because they remind me of all the times we’ve taken our son to mail his Christmas Letters

11. Top of your Christmas Wishlist?
A. I covered this in a blog post already, and I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing it but the Original Short Gloss Hunter Rainboots in Pillar Box Red.

12. Plans for the Holidays?
Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas morning at home and Christmas Afternoon at my husband’s family’s house.