A Little Luxury

Every once in a while I buy something just for the luxury of it. Something that’s just lovely to use, and there’s no real need for it, except it’s nice and it makes you feel good to use it.

This haul is a result of one of those times.


I went to Sephora, had a super quit chat with Maxwell, a couple weeks ago and picked up this Dior polish and one of the YSL Gloss Voluptés


This polish is gorgeous. The wear time isn’t outstanding, but the color makes up for it. And the name Bouquet makes it flawless for spring. I’m completely happy with it.


But this is my favorite. I went in looking for a lipgloss, and even though he was busy, Maxwell escorted me to the YSL section to look at these. YSL lip products are my weakness and I instantly fell in love with 3 shades. Since $90 worth of lipgloss would have been a bit much, I asked Maxwell to help me choose and we settled on Grenade Pépite. It’s a gorgeous watermelon pink that is flawless for spring and summer. I’ll have a full review on it soon, because I adore it.


Stylish Sunday’s: Take a Hike

It’s spring, which means that I am back on a fitness kick. It’s not for the same reason that everyone else is trying to get fit. I don’t like to go swimming and I haven’t worn a bikini since I was 16 and my best friend at the time decided that I needed one. So I’m not looking to get bikini ready. It’s actually that I just like to walk, and our town has a very nice trail. So whenever it gets warm I make sure to use it.


Shirt: Grey Under Armour
Sports Bra: Neon Yellow Nike
Pants: Coral Victoria’s Secret Most Loved Yoga Leggings
Shoes: Coral and Black Nike Dual Fusion
Nails: Dior Bouquet

Sunglasses: Tortoiseshell Drifter MadewellHair: Black Emi-Jay

On My Face: Kate Somerville Serum Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+, Caudalie Lip Conditioner


I still hate these shoes, I plan on replacing them with some Under Armour trainers, hopefully by the end of this summer.  Despite wearing them at least 3 times a week last summer they just don’t seem like I’ve broken them in yet. Plus I’m actually not that big a fan of Nike, it’s just what the sports store nearest me seems to have the most of. Under Armour is actually my favorite workout brand.

What’s your favorite brand of Workout Gear? When and how do you most like to exercise?



Victoria’s Secret Body Care Haul

I said in this post that part 2 would be coming soon, so here it is. This is from a few different trips.

I bought most of the stuff in one order online. I can’t resist that 7 for $35 sale.



Pure Seduction Shower and Bath oil, Pure Seduction Softening Body Polish. I’d never noticed these products before and since the Pure Seduction scent is my favorite I just had to try these out. I haven’t tried the oil yet, but the scrub is weird. It’s a jelly consistency and it doesn’t melt easily.


Luscious Crush Body Butter and Eau de Toilette. I know body butters always come in a tub because they’re super thick, but I wish the would come in a tube for easier use.


True Escape Body Spray, Scrub and Lotion. I really like this scent, it’s really light and nice. And I love the scrub.


Pure Seduction Bloom Body  Wash,  Lotion and Spray. This is everything Missglamorazzi said it would be. I’m so in love and wish it wasn’t a limited edition.

I also bought the Luscious Crush Body Scrub but that was back ordered and didn’t arrive until after I had taken all of these photos


I’m a big fan of this scrub too, and definitely will be buying more of these scrubs in the future.

And then in store I picked up two mini’s because they were $12 each or 2 for $15


I have a sample size of the Bombshell’s perfume that I really like, but I actually like the Bombshell’s in Bloom better, and the Sexy Little Things Noir Tease is just actually a repurchase because I’ve had it before. I actually wear it every night to bed. It’s become part of my routine now and I can’t fall asleep if I haven’t sprayed it.


What’s your favorite V.S. Scent?


Stylish Sundays: Summer Look with Hanna Marie Lei

I’m so excited about today’s post because I’m collabing with Hanna Marie Lei, who is a lovely blogger I’ve followed for quite a while.

We decided on a summer look for the theme, so here’s mine and then you can check out a link to her post below.


Loft Girl Tee, H&M Shorts and Sperry Topsiders


On My Face: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Hourglass Hidden Concealer, The Balm Hot Mama Blush, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, YSL Shocking Mascara, Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette, YSL Pomegrante Volupte Sheer Candy Succulent Pomegranate.

Hair Tied up with Emi-Jay Hair Tie

This is one of my favorite shirts, and it gets a lot of wear in the Summer time:fashionandhappythings-2497

I definitely need to pick up more of these Loft Girl tees, because I adore all the scenes. They don’t always have them though so that’s why I don’t have more of them.’

Don’t forget to go check out Hanna’s Summer Look.



Victoria’s Secret Clothing Haul

Okay so technically this Haul is in two parts. Clothes and body care. I did some major damage at Victoria’s Secret. Thankfully I didn’t do this all in one day, it’s definitely collective. So today we’ll do the clothing and then early next week I’ll post the body stuff  I bought.

I decided to do this differently and am instead doing a “Try on” Haul for you guys.

I bought 4 of the 2 for $32 pink pocket tees 2 large, 2 in medium so I would have different fits:





And two pairs of the Most Loved Yoga Leggings, one cropped, and the other is full length:



I have about 6 pairs of the Yoga Leggings now, and they are definitely my favorite things to wear ever! This is however the first time I’ve bought any tee shirts from V.S. Pink. I actually don’t wear the pink line much anymore, but these tees don’t have Pink 1986 plastered all over them so I actually really love them. My favorite is that gray one with the black pocket, but I can definitely see these tees becoming a staple in my wardrobe like the yoga pants.

On my face in these photos: Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, Hourglass Hidden Concealer, The Balm Hot Mama Blush, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette, and a YSL lip color that I haven’t Hauled yet, so you’ll see that soon.

Hair: White Emi-Jay Hair tie