Cover Your Ass or H&M Haul

Since it’s Summer now it’s officially hot here in Indiana. I don’t really like hot weather clothes, not because I’m modest, but because I much prefer boots and tights and skinnies and oversize sweaters. But it got really hot last year and I only had 2 or 3 pairs of shorts no skirts and no casual dresses so I was completely unprepared, and thought I might die of heatstroke.

This year I decided I should be at least a bit more prepared so I of course went to H&M’s Summer Sale.
I picked up a blue midwaisted skater skirt, well that’s how it seems to sit on me. The material is very nice, a bit heavy, but since it’s a skirt that’s fine. I think I’ll be able to wear this well into the fall. I also picked up a pair of light tan twill shorts, that fit me really well. Which is great because the other twill shorts I tried on in the same size just different color didn’t fit me at all. Then I bought two of the same style of short, just different color/pattern. I got them in Black and in sort of a reptile print. I absolutely love these shorts and I wish I’d bought them in all 5 of the styles that they had. I’ve figured out with H&M if you love a style of something buy multiples right them because they’ll be gone quick. Surprisingly nothing I bought was on sale. Even more surprising was that all the bottoms I bought were $12.95. I also picked up a really cute hat for $9.95.

Then from not H&M (read as Sephora, apparently I need to branch out where I shop at) I picked up a Nails Inc Polish in Notting Hill Gate, which is a neon pink, and the Kate Somerville Clearing Mask.

I’m really excited for the skirt, I have skirts that I bought to wear in the fall and winter, but I didn’t wear them as much as I should have, and I only got one of them photographed for the blog. This skirt will definitely be appearing on the blog, and soon. Maybe this Sunday? Maybe next? I don’t know because I haven’t worn it outside of the dressing room yet, but it is lovely.

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