Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm back...I hope

I know I've been gone a long time, and that I haven't kept up with this blog really at all, but lately I've been wanting to blog.

The number one thing that's been on my mind is my skin.  My skin has been my first and foremost worry for over the past year.  I've had terrible cystic acne, that was painful and terribly embarrassing and have had a really hard time talking about it without tearing up.  Finally a doctor took pity on me when I came in for something else and prescribed an antibiotic that would help  my acne with a ton of refills.  I saw a lot of improvement but my acne wasn't completely gone, and if I missed the antibiotic for any reason my acne was terrible again with in just a few days.  So I finally scheduled a visit to the dermatologist because I didn't want to be on this pill forever.

The visit was short and to the point, he looked at my face, asked me why I was there, and then looked through all the items I used for my skin care.  He immediately told me to stop using all of them except my cleanser and my moisturizer, prescribed a topical treatment and a pill. Then he looked at my C.Booth Cleanser and asked if I could get something cheaper. I told him it only cost me around 7$ and he said that was fine then it didn't really matter.  I think I'm seeing results, I feel like my skin looks better and is less oily.  Which is awesome, but I miss my skincare routine.  I miss all the steps, I felt like they were fancy.  Like I was treating myself to something and now I feel like I'm missing out.  I've got to wait until my appt. for follow up in December, but I want to talk to him about adding in some steps.  Like an eye cream, and maybe an alcohol free toner.  Maybe an herbally frothy cleanser.  That's something I definitely want to look into is a frothy/foamy cleanser, I love those.  They just feel so lovely on my skin, and make me feel like I'm really cleaning all the makeup off of my face. Honestly I'm a bit worried because I'll have to buy a new cleanser before my check up appt. and I don't know if I should buy the same cleanser again, which frankly I'm kinda over and while it's an amazing cleanser I'm just itchy for something new, or if I can try something new, something frothy and organic.  Or even just frothy.  Definitely frothy.

So what do you think Try something different, or stick with what I'm using now?