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Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2013

I mentioned in my Stylish Sunday’s Post that I would be doing my Christmas Gift Guides early this year. With Black Friday fast approaching I decided that it would be more convenient for my readers if I put them up now. So the next 4 posts will be the Gift Guides.

I’m kicking off with my Gift Guide for Her:

Gift Guide for Her
♥ This Gift set from Kiehls is perfect. It’s their Greatest Hits set, but if you don’t think this one will work, the I recommend checking out their Gifts for Her section.
♥ I personally have this Lorac Pro Palette on my Christmas Wishlist this year. All the colors are beautiful and this palette has been getting rave reviews.
Fresh’s Sugar Stars gift set is a great collection gift, but if she’s not a lip product junkie, Sephora has some other amazing options for you to check out. I’ll probably do a post closer to Christmas on some of their Gift Sets.
♥ If your at a complete loss, a candle is a good way to go. I adore the way Yankee Candle’s Celebrate Christmas Candle smells.
♥ Glitter, Kate Spade, Shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Personally I am dying to own these Keds x Kate Spade collab shoes and they are at the top of my wishlist. They’re so fun and glitzy and practical at the same time.
♥ Pajamas are always a great gift. I’m certain you’re all well aware of my love for Victoria’s Secret Pajama’s by now. They’re so cozy and they wash really well.
♥ Jewelry is a classic gift that’s pretty hard to go wrong with. Since Rose Gold is still a really hot trend, I thought this Make Me Blush Pave Idiom Pendant from Kate Spade was perfect.
♥ This Cozy Plaid Scarf from Gap would make a lovely gift, especially if you live in a cold snowy area. Bonus it feels way more luxe than it costs.
♥ Perfume, another timeless gift. But give it an update by picking somethink modern like Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb rather than the much purchased Chanel N° 5. If you want to be extra fancy this Limited Edition version of the bottle, pictured above is just stunning.
♥ For the Bibliophiles like myself, books are always the perfect gift. I recommend Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham.
Anyone of these gifts would be perfect all on their own, but you can also combine them in numerous ways. For the girl that adores Kate Spade pick up the necklace and the shoes. The Pajama’s, Candle and Book are certain to make for a lovely night in. And the Scarf, Kiehls Gift Set, and Lip Balms are perfect for the girl that loves to be out in the snow. Or you can pick up the Eye Palette and Perfume for the Princessy woman in your life. The combinations are endless, and combining things to give your gifts a theme says you put in so much effort, but really it takes only a little fore thought before you head out shopping.
I’ll be back tomorrow with my Gift Guide for Him. Leave in the comments below what you want for Christmas ladies.

Gilly Hicks Wishlist

Or I Just Want To Be Cozy

It’s been absolutely forever since I’ve done one of these posts. And even longer since I’ve visited the Gilly Hicks Website. Until recently I’ve just been doing all my shopping at H&M or Sephora. Since my I fell into the GAP recently, I’ve been snapped out of that behavior. I was looking at all my favorite sites and I didn’t find much, except at Gilly Hicks.
Gilly Hicks Wish List
I fell in absolute love with some cozy things and decided that I just had to tell you guys about them. I’m being super careful with my money right now so hopefully they’ll have a promo code very soon.
First the Daytime Cozy Things
The first thing I’m lusting after is the GH Sport Full-Zip Jacket. I know that most people want the LuLu Lemon one, but I what I love about this one is it has a hood. My ears get cold and I don’t want to wear earmuffs to walk the dog. And while I adore my Superdry beanie, it doesn’t stay on my head that well. I also really like the Navy and Pink combo this has going on. Hot pink is my favorite color and so dark it’s almost black Navy is another color I’m in love with.
Then of course I want these Banded Boyfriend Sweatpants. I love the Boyfriend Sweatpants from V.S. Pink and I adore the GH Sweatpants I bought last year, so I know these will be amazing. Once again, I adore that Dark Navy. I see many Fall afternoons being spent curled up on the couch wearing these, reading on my Nook, or iPad.
I had to add in a Tee to go with the Sweatpants, because sometimes my brain is completely numb and all I can think is “Be Cozy.” I picked Grey for this post, but I also really like it in the Pink, Navy and Green colors.
Moving away from Daytime Cozy we have Nighttime Cozy.
I love stripes, I love button downs, I love pajama’s as previously evidenced by my Chirstmas Eve Blogmas post and pretty much all the Pajama’s my husband has ever given me. So of course I am completely in love with these Menswear Pajama Top and Bottoms. I really want these, and if I don’t manage to buy them myself before, then they will pop up on my Birthday Wishlist (It’s 2 and a half months away). These just look perfect, I want to wear them all fall long. I want them in all the colors, but mostly this stripey pattern.
Then finally we have this phone case which doesn’t fall into Day or Night Cozy, but it would be a cozy for my phone, so it fits. The phone case I have now is one from Sephora and I really don’t love it. It’s functional and says Sephora on it, that’s about it. But this one is bright green with a Koala wearing glasses and if you don’t think that’s completely adorable, well then I’m sorry, but I’m obsessed.
Yes, I know, I know, I shop at Sephora WAY to much if I have a Sephora phone case. I can’t help it.

Bonus blogmas: Christmas Day

I know Blogmas was meant to end on Christmas Eve, but since the posts for the past 2 days have been so short, I decided to throw in a bonus post.

I’m typing this out from my new iPad, which I’m super excited about. My husband got it for me so I could FaceTime with a close friend who unfortunately lives super far away (T and I miss you too much O!). Which I did as soon as she alerted me that she was up and about this morning. It was so good to see her, I can’t even tell you how much. Seriously this is the best Christmas present ever. Followed closely with the gift I got from O which is the complete years 1-7 Harry Potter DVDs, and my parents got me a Harry Potter tee shirt which I totally plan to wear with leggings while watching the movies. Lame I know but I adore the movies, the books, and the merchandise.

I’ll probably do a what I got for Christmas post soon, but I won’t promise it before the new year. I’m definitely going to be taking a few days off, and just hang out playing games and watching movies. Of course now that I said that, I’ll probably be back with a lengthy post soon.

Today was pretty perfect. since we did both family parties yesterday, we stayed in our christmas pjs all day (mine are of course Victoria’s Secret), had chili for dinner, and now were going to watch some Christmas specials. I hope you are all having a happy Christmas and that you spent these past few days with the people you love.

Blogmas Day 23: It’s Christmas Eve Eve

You know you’ve reached Christmas overload when you’re family is fine with you blaring Call Me Maybe just because it’s not Christmas Music.

Personally I’m very excited for Christmas. We have 2 parties to go to, with a wardrobe change in between and then a relaxed Christmas Day at home. I’m not sure when tomorrow’s post will go up, but there will be one.

I finished my wrapping last night, and I only have a couple pies to make, so I’m going to spend the day being lazy and watching Christmas movies with my family.