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Blogmas Day 4:

For fun, here’s a picture of my coffee from today. I really do love these and for days I’m extra lazy I can just pick them up in the grocery store.fashionandhappythings-0576

Today, Howl decided he wanted to go on an adventure. He decided he wanted to go across my yard, down the road, back up the road and through a field. He had such a marvelous time on his Grand Adventure. In the ensuing chase I pulled a muscle in or twisted my ankle as the pain is all the way up to my knee.  So now I’m trapped on my couch and he’s taking a nap because he’s worn out from running all over the place.

In better news last night I officially finished my Holiday shopping and anything else I buy now is just extra. I’m quite happy about that. Normally I’m stressed out about holiday shopping until nearly the end of December, but now all that’s left for me to do is wrap presents. So happy, because I love to wrap presents. Of course if Howl continues this behavior, then he will be getting the puppy equivalent of coal, whatever that may be.


In a completely unrelated topic, I’ve finally decided which shoes to use my Dr. Scholls For Her Cozy Cushions, that I received from Influenster, in. I’ve decided that they will be going in my Pillar Box Red Short Hunter Boots since I originally wanted them to use as snow boots. I’m so excited, and when I finally get a pair of the Hunter Wellie Socks for them they’re going to be the most cozy, snuggly, warm boots ever. Is it sad that I’m excited about cozy insoles? Probably, but whatever, cozy is my motto. For serious.



Influenster Rose Vox Box

I recently received the Rose Vox Box from Influenster and I decided to share with you guys what I got.

I’ll start with the bonus item first. Which is the Vitabath Asian Orchid and Coconut Hydrating Lotion


It smells amazing, but seems a bit out of place because the Coconut makes me think of summer. I do love it though.

Everything else on the other hand was really nice and absolutely spot on.

There was the Rimmel Scandal Eye Retro Glam Mascara which is very nice. It has a dry formula and gave me an effect similar to the YSl Shocking but not quite as big.


Next in the box was these Dr. Scholls for her cozy cushions insoles which I plan on putting in either my Wine colored Old Navy shoes or in one of my pairs of Hunter Rainboots. These feel insanely soft and I can’t wait to use them.


The last beauty product and my absolute favorite thing in the box were the Kiss Gradation polishes. They’re just so pretty, I got them in the color Film Noir but I noticed a gold version of these polishes in the little add in the box and I really want to pick that one up too. I love the Glitter, it’s just so stunning.


Then there was food included in the box:

Some Blueberry Belvita cookies which are absolutely delicious


and finally a Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle. These are some of my favorite chocolates and I’m so excited about this one.


I think these vox boxes just keep getting better, and this has been my favorite one yet. Thank you so much Influenster for providing these items for me to try out. What item would you most like to see a review on?

Stylish Sundays: Hello November

November is here, and I’m excited for it. I’m excited for walking Howl in the crisp air, with the scent of fallen leaves and woodsmoke filling the air. I’m excited for lazy days curled up on the couch in snugg hoodies and pajama bottoms reading spooky books. I’m excited for boots and tights and sweaters.

This outfit screams November to me.


I’m wearing a white and navy striped zip back top from H&M, a black and white tweed skirt from The Limited, Sequin Scarf from the now defunct Colourme.com, Pea Coat from Aeropostale, Black Tights from Hue, and Wine boots from Old Navy.


On My Face: Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation in Light Ivory, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Nars Blush in Deep Throat, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder, Lancome Color Design Shadows in Off The Rack, Delicate Lace, Smouldering Cocoa,  and Metallic Taupe, Bath and Body Works Pomme Cider Lipgloss,  Rimmel Scandel Eyes Glam Retro Mascara in Black.


I love the pop of color that these boots give this outfit. They’re probably one of my favorite pairs of shoes right now. And as long as I’m not walking in snow I see them getting a lot of use until spring.


Howl was very serious about wanting to eat all of the leaves. He said they’re for snack time.

It’s only the beginning of the month, but I think this might be my favorite thing I’ve worn in a long time. What’s your favorite, or go to, Fall outfit?

Book Review: The Halloween Tree

This weeks book is of course The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury. I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for the day before Halloween.


This book follows 8 boys in a small fictional town on Halloween night as they try to save their friend Pip and discover the meaning of Halloween. Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud takes the boys on an adventure to find out why they’re dressed as witches, monsters, mummies and skeletons. He shows the boys not only the why and the how’s of Halloween, but how far they’ll go to save the greatest boy that ever lived Joe Pipkin.

This book has absolutely no flaws for me, being both written by Ray Bradbury, and a huge part of my childhood. I’d even say that this book has a lot to do with where I live, which is a small town very much like the book where “there wasn’t so much wilderness you couldn’t see the town. But on the other hand there wasn’t so much town you couldn’t see and feel and touch and smell the wilderness.”* Mr. Moundshroud was the first character to show me that sometimes you couldn’t be sure if someone was your friend or a villain until the end. And Pip, oh pip. I hope that by the time he’s 12 my son is just like and has friends as loyal as Joe Pipkin,’ the greatest boy who ever lived, and on the day he was born all the Orange Crush and Nehi soda bottles in the world fizzed over.”*

Final Verdict: I wholeheartedly, full stop, recommend this book. It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you love Halloween, you’ll love this book. Ray Bradbury’s words take you into the world of that Halloween Tree and you find yourself racing with all the boys, and willing to do anything to save Joe Pipkin.

I thought of dressing up in costume this week, but I honestly haven’t worn a costume for Halloween since I was 21. It’s just not my thing anymore. So I decided to wear some of my favorite cozy clothing.


I’m wearing a gray stripey sweater from Gap, Glasses from Kate Spade. Victoria’s Secret Most Loved Yoga Leggings and Pink and Pepper boots. I love this sweater because it’s long enough to cover my butt and make these yoga leggings acceptable for public wear.

Bonus: Pinterest Told Me To  blogger Sheaffer recently did a post about Mixing Black Brown and Gray and I totally agree with her. It’s an amazing combination.

There’s howl being adorable with his Owl toy from Martha Stewart’s Petsmart Line. I really love that line for dog clothes and toys.


My makeup is super simple, just Rimmel’s new Stay Matte Liquid Mousse foundation that I received from Influenster, Nars Deep Throat Blush, Rosebud Salve Strawberry Lipbalm, Nyx Skinny Eye Marker, and YSL Baby Doll Mascara.

My Necklace is a Tiny Owl that I have no clue where I got, and not pictured are my Kate Spade Gumdrop Studs in Clear Silver.

Howl decided to get into the Halloween Spirit:


He says he should totally play a Hell Hound on Supernatural. I keep trying tell him he’s too adorable and Hell Hounds are invisible.


He then said he’s not adorable, he has Fangs and is Majestic and Ferocious, and the resemblance is striking.

What are your Halloween Plans? I plan to take my son trick or treating and then come home to curl up with Bitter River which I’ll be reviewing next week. Happy Halloween.



Broadway imPress Review or Those Are Not My Nails

 I received these nails in my Spring Vox Box from Influenster last month and while this is normally not my thing I decided to give it a go.

 I got the color Joyride which was sort of a purply fushica color. I really like this color, though I don’t wear anything like it very often. The nails were easily to apply on the first hand because you just peel little stickers off the back. Because of this they were terrible to apply on the other hand and I had to get my Husband to help me peel the stickers. It was a bit hard finding the proper nail for each finger, and even thought they recommend to go smaller if need be, I ended up having to size up one to find anything remotely close to my middle fingers nail size. A mistake I may have made was trimming my nails since the glue on the back of the nail goes all the way up to the top of the nails. I ended up with crumbs stuck to them.

Now for the bad bit, I don’t know if I didn’t prep my nails properly, or what went wrong, maybe it was the trimming, but these nails didn’t last on my own nails even over night. I lost 6 out of 10 nails when I went to sleep. Okay, I’ll admit that I wasn’t overly heartbroken about that, because while I had them on I hated them. Fake nails are just not my thing. I’ve only had acrylics twice in my life. Once I went with my friends sister, and the other time was when I got married and couldn’t be fussed with my nails, so I needed something I knew would last. Since this was before Gel was really popular, it had to be acrylics. Both times it took me ages to relearn to do anything with them on, and even after I did, I just felt awkward. These gave me the same feeling.

The good news is the only real bad bit is that they didn’t stay on my nails, but like I said, since this isn’t usually my bag, I probably missed a step when I applied them. Either that or it’s just my nails. If you’ll look back to my Gel Nails Review you’d see that those didn’t last on me as long as they should have either. They also definitely feel like fake nails, unlike the nail polish strips (review on those soon), but they give the same effect.

 Here’s what they look like on my nails:

I’m holding my favorite candle from Anthropologie, Citrus Basil. It’s divine and I completely recommend it.

Final verdict? I wouldn’t buy them, but if I were given another pack of them I would try them again.

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