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Stylish Sundays: First Of Fall

This is my first official Fall outfit post, since today is the first day of fall. I along with most of the fashion world, absolutely adore fall. It kicks of the coziest time of the year and everything changes. From now until just after Valentines Day the world is wonderful.


Of course since I’m still ill, the first outfit is just a toe in to fall fashion. I adore these green pants from H&M, last seen here. And this studded top from Gap is one of my absolute favorites, last seen here. My shoes are also studded loafers, that are the brand Wanted and I got from DSW.


For my bracelet I just wore an H&M black and gold bangle, and on my nails is Lancome’s Noir Caviar which is still going strong as my all time favorite. I actually think I might need to buy a new bottle soon, because I’m seriously running low.


Here’s a better look at the shoes. I absolutely love these, and even though I’ve worn them in all seasons, I think they’re at their best when paired with fall fashions.


On my face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer in Vanilla, Nars Deep Throat Blush, YSL Babydoll Mascara


Howl is doing much better, which I am very excited about. This is his first fall ever. Since he was born in February. And I am so excited for him to play in leaves and go trick or treating with my son. And honestly? Winter was so weird last year I’m not even sure he saw snow last year.


Fall is definitely off to a very good start.



Stylish Sundays: Proper Autumn

This week’s photos were taken on Friday the 13th. Which as I mentioned in my And Other Spooky Stories post, was actually a pretty good day for me. It was the first day this year that felt like proper Autumn, and I got to pull out Boots and a Sweater.


I’m wearing a Utility Jacket from H&M, Hollister Sweater, Gray Tank from H&M, Gap Legging Jeans, and Pink and Pepper Boots.


Even though it’s from Hollister and I’m not actually a fan of the Abercrombie company and it’s policies, I actually really love this sweater, and would totally buy more sweaters from them. This one is really soft and comfortable and washes well, even though it says dry clean only.
The jacket I bought from H&M last spring, and it’s absolutely awesome. I last wore it here. I adore this jacket, it’s comfortable and it’s perfect to layer with a sweater on extra chilly days.


These boots from Pink and Pepper I bought last year and I adore them. Despite the one inch heel they are incredibly comfortable and are my absolute favorite riding boots I’ve ever owned.


There’s no good close up of it this week, but I’m wearing the Pen Necklace Miss Cannady bought me last year for my birthday. I am obsessed. It’s probably my most worn necklace.


I am completely in love with my makeup from these photos too. I’m wearing Lancome’s Tient Visionaire foundation and concealer, Nars Deep Throat Blush, Lancome Eyeshadows, YSL Baby Doll Mascara, Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in Madam Tulip, and Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder.


Of course here’s Howl’s close up. If you’re wondering why his front leg has been shaved, that was from his time in the hospital. He is doing so so so much better, but he’s still on medication and constant surveillance.

How did your Friday the 13th go?

Madewell Drifter Sunglasses

I know I never review clothing items, and that these were meant to be shown in a Haul, and then probably never mentioned again, but I just couldn’t do that. I adore these glasses and decided they needed their own post all to themselves.


Because I’m excessively clumsy I never really like to pay more than $5 for sunglasses. I know that I will inevitably break them or loose them. But I fell in love with Emma Stone’s Rag and Bone Monroe glasses, and knew there was no way I’d pay that much for them, so I began searching for a suitable copy. I found them at Madewell. Then I waited impatiently for them to go on sale because they were $50. And that seems like a lot of money to spend on something you’ve only ever paid $5 at H&M for in the past.

I adore Madewell, they are the kind of place where I only buy stuff when its on sale, because when they have sales they’re amazing. Seriously, like 30% to 50% off of already reduced merchandise kind of sales. Which was the case with these glasses. I only paid $29.50 for them, which is $20 off the original price. And they came with a cloth case that I kinda adore.


Since when they aren’t on my face they live in my purse, I don’t really have to worry about them being crushed because I have lots of compartments in my purse,so nothing is disorganized.

I’ve only had these a bit over a week and I’ve already worn them in two posts.

Last weeks Stylish Sundays: Spiked Rose Gold


And yesterdays Book Review: Things We Didn’t Say


And I can promise you will be seeing them again and again. Because I’m absolutely in love with these. The fit well, don’t give me a headache, which is common with glasses. The lenses aren’t completely black, they’re more of a grey, which is perfect for me because I wear them when I drive, and since they aren’t to dark I can wear them when the sun is setting without feeling like I can’t see. Plus I adore tortoiseshell.

If you decide that you want them, you’re in luck, because they’re still on sale here, and they have them in 3 colors.

Bonus note: Howl Totally approves


Back to Regularly Scheduled Posting?

I’m back, sort of. And much sooner than I thought I would be. I promised an explanation for my absence, and now that everything is going to be okay I think I can talk about it.

Howl had not been himself lately, we had thought it was due to an injury, from falling down the steps since he is such a little guy, or rough housing with our son. We took him to our local Veterinarian on Friday, and he gave him pain medicine. The medicine had him very groggy and dizzy and just not himself at all. We took him off of it after two days hoping he’d feel better on Sunday, but it turns out it wasn’t an injury at all, instead it was that a mouse he had caught a week or so ago, had eaten rat poison and therefore poisoned Howl when he caught it. We don’t keep rat poison in our house, and we don’t have mice generally, but as you know every once in awhile one will get in your house, and well that’s what had happened.

We took him to an all night emergency veterinary clinic late Sunday night when we realized something was desperately wrong due to the tiny bruise he had under his arm suddenly covering his entire stomach. As soon as they ruled out trauma and autoimmune as a cause, they began the treatment for Rat Poison, which is fluids and Vitamin K. They kept him overnight until Tuesday Morning. Then on Tuesday, we picked him up, transferred him to the Veterinarian that they recommended and she said he was well enough to go home. We have to bring him back on Thursday, but until then he is on wet food, Vitamin K and Antacids.

I didn’t post during this time, other than my I’m sorry I’m gone post, because I was understandably an absolute mess. I couldn’t function until I knew that he would be okay. Thankfully he’s getting better, and behaving more like himself everyday. He’s still tired a lot but he is healing and that’s what matters most.

I can’t promise that I’ll be back to my regular schedule this week, but hopefully by next week we’ll all be back on track. Now that I know he’s going to be better, I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on.

Below are pictures of Howl just home after the hospital, and a few days after the first time we brought him home. They were both taken on an iPhone, so I apologize for the quality.


Stylish Sundays: Shades Of Blue

Or The Moody Blues

I have a favorite quote “When it comes to desire, when it comes to attraction, things are never black and white. Things are very much Shades Of Gray.” It was said by Brian Molko, the lead singer of Placebo. I try and focus on this quote as much as I can. What does that quote have to do with this weeks outfit? When I was getting dressed and decided my Feed Chambray would look good with my H&M Skater skirt, this quote popped into my head and I decided to go with shades of Blue instead of shades of gray.

I’m wearing a Feed for Target Chambray, H&M Skater Skirt


Accessories: White and Silver H&M bangle Light Blue Emi-Jay hairtie, Blue Gap Ballet Flats, Blue Twistband Headband and Silver H&M Leaves Necklace. fashionandhappythings-9601 fashionandhappythings-9598 fashionandhappythings-9596 fashionandhappythings-9590

I adored wearing this outfit. It was easy and comfortable and still really dressy. It’s the perfect outfit and with different shoes and tights it’ll be perfect for fall.

A quick note about the Twistband Headband and a bit of and Ode to Emi-Jay: I bought these ages ago with Birchbox points, and I hate them. They’re really thin and they hurt my head and I just don’t love them. I do plan on picking up some Emi-Jay headbands the next time I’m near the local shop that sells them. Everytime I’ve tried any of the Emi-Jay knockoffs, I’ve regretted it. I really adore the Emi-Jay hairties and personally I’m going to stay with the brand.


Howl was dressed in blue as well!