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Stylish Sunday’s: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Every year my town has a Fall Festival that I always attend. It has a few carnival rides, standard fair food, but really I only go for the Hot Apple Cider. I only like one ride there and that’s the Sizzler or Scrambler depending on which company is providing the rides. I usually am pretty lazy with what I wear since I’m running around with my 7 year old.


I wore a sweater from Hollister, a tank from The Limited, Victoria’s Secret Most Loved Yoga Pants, and my Pink and Pepper riding boots. Not Pictured Alex & Ani October Birthstone Bracelet. I did say I’d do an outfit where I made these pants acceptable for public. This is one of them. The only issue was my sweater kept riding up and that was irritating because even though it was long enough, it didn’t look long enough.


On My Face: Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Nars blush in Deep Throat, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, Benefit Watts up, Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Various Lancome Shadows. Hair pulled back in a very messy bun using an Emi-Jay hair tie.



Howl was a bit apprehensive about a carnival in the fall. He’s in good company though.

Howl wore his Worthy Dog Harness. I think he was just happy to be out and about.


A big reason why I like going to this festival is because it reminds of one of my favorite Ray Bradbury books Something Wicked This Way Comes. I know book reviews usually go up on Wednesdays, I really do recommend either this book or the movie for fall. It’s about a carnival that comes to Green Town in mid-October called Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show. Mr. Dark being the true owner of the carnival is also the Carnival’s illustrated man bearing a tattoo for each person bound to the Carnival. The Novel focuses on 14 year old boys (12 in the movie) Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade and Will’s Father Charles. The boys are excited for the Carnival that comes so late in the year but Charles Halloway is apprehensive about what it could mean.

I adore this book, and have for years. As I mentioned before it’s a bit hard for me to be unbiased when it comes to Ray Bradbury’s writing because I’ve loved his books since I was a child, and The Halloween Tree is one of the very first books I remember reading. It’s also the first movie I remember watching. I do recommend it though. Ray Bradbury is a famous Author for a very good reason and if you’ve never read his work before then this is a good place to start.

Stylish Sundays: Howl’s Medical Edition

There’s no outfit for today. I planned to take some last night, but first I walked Howl, and when we came home from the walk we noticed he had new bruising and a lump on his neck, so it was immediately back to the emergency vet.

He’s fine, it’s just a from when his vet took his blood on Thursday. Because they typically like to draw blood from the jugular,  and can’t put a pressure bandage around his neck it cause some swelling and bruising since he was still weak from everything else that has happened to him. It looks more terrifying than it really is, because Howl is behaving as if absolutely nothing is wrong. Which is wonderful.

This is a feature that I love doing every week, here. It’s always one of my favorite posts to write, and I’m always sorry to miss it. But Howl comes first. I could just take a photo of what I’m wearing right now, but there is nothing stylish about my husbands H&M t-shirt, Gilly Hicks sweatpants and Under Armour socks. I’m still absolutely shattered after yesterday. All I want to do is lay down next to Howl and sleep.

However Howl did get groomed before all this happened and he is looking quite dapper if I do say so myself, so I’ll leave you with some pictures of him.





Stylish Sundays: Proper Autumn

This week’s photos were taken on Friday the 13th. Which as I mentioned in my And Other Spooky Stories post, was actually a pretty good day for me. It was the first day this year that felt like proper Autumn, and I got to pull out Boots and a Sweater.


I’m wearing a Utility Jacket from H&M, Hollister Sweater, Gray Tank from H&M, Gap Legging Jeans, and Pink and Pepper Boots.


Even though it’s from Hollister and I’m not actually a fan of the Abercrombie company and it’s policies, I actually really love this sweater, and would totally buy more sweaters from them. This one is really soft and comfortable and washes well, even though it says dry clean only.
The jacket I bought from H&M last spring, and it’s absolutely awesome. I last wore it here. I adore this jacket, it’s comfortable and it’s perfect to layer with a sweater on extra chilly days.


These boots from Pink and Pepper I bought last year and I adore them. Despite the one inch heel they are incredibly comfortable and are my absolute favorite riding boots I’ve ever owned.


There’s no good close up of it this week, but I’m wearing the Pen Necklace Miss Cannady bought me last year for my birthday. I am obsessed. It’s probably my most worn necklace.


I am completely in love with my makeup from these photos too. I’m wearing Lancome’s Tient Visionaire foundation and concealer, Nars Deep Throat Blush, Lancome Eyeshadows, YSL Baby Doll Mascara, Lancome Rouge In Love Lipstick in Madam Tulip, and Makeup Forever HD Setting Powder.


Of course here’s Howl’s close up. If you’re wondering why his front leg has been shaved, that was from his time in the hospital. He is doing so so so much better, but he’s still on medication and constant surveillance.

How did your Friday the 13th go?

Stylish Sundays: Late For A Good Reason

Or Today Was Awesome

This outfit was really fun for me. I was trying to walk the line between summer and fall. It was a bit chilly yesterday, because of recent storms, so I wanted to be comfortable but still bright and colorful.


I wore a stripey Top from Loft, Jeans that I don’t know where I got and I don’t know where my shoes are from either, but I they totally don’t get worn enough.


See aren’t they adorable? They’re wedges with gold embroidery and sequines on them. Plus they lace up. Normally you’re meant to cross the lace in the front to back but I turned it around and wrapped them to shorten it so I wouldn’t be walking on the bow.


I also really love this pen necklace and have been wearing it to death lately. My favorite thing about it is that it actually works.


This was a Gift from Miss Cannady, and frankly she always gives the best gifts, because seriously sometimes it’s like we’re the same person with some extra added in to make us different.


Okay so this is a better picture of my hair than my makeup, but seriously my makeup was just the usual: Lancome Tient Vissionaire, Nars concealer, Nars Blush, Benefit Badgal Lash, Benefit Sunbeam and Rosebud Salve on my lips. My bangs were being weird yesterday so I twisted them back in that style I was obsessed with when I was growing them out. I kinda still love it.


And OMG I knit Howl a sweater, how cute is he in it? He didn’t wear it long, because it’s still a bit to warm for it, but still I made that. It’s a bit short on him but that’s cool I have extra yarn I can lengthen it some. I’ve already started him another one in red. It seriously knit up so quick.


So cute.

Okay so those photos are not from today. They’re from yesterday. However they’re going up late because I had something I really wanted to do today, that I actually thought was next week. Thank goodness for Twitter.  Today was Sarahbelle93′s Rush Into Lily Event at the Kenwood Towne Center. So when I saw her tweet about it, I kinda just rushed out of the house, since I had the wrong day.

Here we are at her meetup:

me and sarahbell93x

She was so sweet, and super easy to talk to. I’m so glad I met her. Then after, I as I was shopping around I noticed Nordstrom had Emi-Jay hairties in some super cute patterns and since I was buying them for myself I picked her up some too, and then super awkwardly went back to the meetup to give them to her. I did some other shopping, so there will be a haul up from that very soon.


Stylish Sundays: Pattern Mixing

Or Baby I’m A Firework

First do you like the way I’ve changed my titles? Making the Or a subtitle rather than part of the main title. Do you like it or should I go back to the way I was doing it before?

Secondly this outfit is what I wore to my Sister-In-Law/Bestie/Sister/One third of the best group of friends that ever existed T’s house when she and her man C grilled out and had some super dangerous fireworks. Seriously, the phrase “At least no one got burned this year” was uttered several times. I’m teasing, it was a beautiful show and I’m looking forward to next year.

I wore:

fashionandhappythings-9527 fashionandhappythings-9532
Boyfriend Button down from Madewell tied in a knot at the last button, GAP Skimmer Jeans in yellow Polka Dot and Blue Leather Ballet Flats also from GAP.


My Hair is tossed up in the laziest messy bun I’ve ever done with my bangs pinned back. I was having a very rare bad hair day.
On My Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Nars Concealer, Nars Deep Throat, Benefit Girl Meets Pearl, Chanel Mascara Sample, YSL Volupte Sheer Candy in #4 Succulent Pomegranate.

fashionandhappythings-9523 fashionandhappythings-9524fashionandhappythings-9522
Close up of the accessories; H&M Necklace worn as a bracelet, ColourMe.com necklace with the chain shortened using a safety pin and a close up of my shoes, which I absolutely adore.

I was actually really surprised by this outfit, it’s much more colorful than I would normally wear. Usually I’d just do one statement piece in an outfit and that would be it, but I recently saw this post by Hanna Lei who is a blogger I’m absolutely obsessed with right now, and was inspired by her pairing of printed colored jeans with a graphic tee. Obviously the two outfits are very different, but that just shows you can take inspiration from anywhere.

It was really comfortable to wear and I felt great in it. It helped that this shirt is one of my husbands favorite shirts on me. He likes it enough that he remembers where we bought it, and if I say I don’t know what to wear his answer is immediately wear that Madewell shirt. He’s also the one that picked it out. I don’t know if he just randomly spotted it, or if was bored and flipping through the racks, but I’m really happy he found it, because it was on sale, during one of their extra percent off of sale items sales and I think we only paid $6 for it. The jeans were really comfortable, but the best part was the shoes. They were comfortable right from the first wear, no breaking in time which is amazing.

Bonus Note: I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge with Amanda of Living In Another Language