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Angel Hair

A while ago I posted this haul where I showed a bunch of things I picked up from Victoria’s Secret. Today I’ll be posting a review on the Shampoo and Conditioner that I picked up.


This stuff is amazing. I absolutely adore it. First it’s a great deal, $12 ea or $24 for 3. Second it smells amazing. I can’t really place where the smell is from, but both I and my husband like it. Well he likes it on me, it’s too girly smelling for him to use. Bonus the smell stays in my hair after it dries. Seriously that never happens with me. Usually it just washes away and that’s it.
Lastly it makes my hair look amazing:




That first picture I swear my hair is just air dried. My dad also has those big Victoria’s Secret curls when he leaves his hair to air dry. Yes I said my Dad, his hair is also longer than mine. Way longer.

The other two photo’s are second day hair with a bit of the Victoria’s Secret Dry Shampoo brushed through. For some reason this always makes my hair so much straighter and I’m always a little sad because I miss the curls from the day before. I kinda want to try the Soft & Tousled Wave Enhancing Spray to see if that helps. The last photo is a bit frizzy because of wind. I remember we had a terrible time with it being windy that day.

You can find the original posts, for details about the outfits and makeup, here: 1,2,3

I really recommend Victoria’s Secret line of hair care. I’m actually surprised at how much I adore Victoria’s Secret’s beauty products. So far they’re my favorite I’ve ever used, and I’ve used Ojon, Ouidad, Paul Mitchell, and various BedHead shampoo’s and conditioners in just this past year.

Have you tried this line? What do you think? Any products I simply must try?


Another Haul or I only went for one thing I swear

About a week ago I ran out of my face mask, and I needed to replace it. I also had a few other things I was thinking about buying and I might have accidentally actually bought them on purpose. Okay I totally did.

¬†First I picked up the Bedhead Styleshots in Epic Volume and the Philosophy Bodywash in Love Sweet Love from Ulta, and I’ve been using them for a little while now and I’m completely in love with them.
Then I went oto H&M and picked up this great Green Twill jacket and those adorable Coral and Tan Flats.

Finally from Sephora I bought the Murad Acne Complex 30 day kit and Illamasqua’s Speckle Nail Polish which has matte glitter in it that gives it a sort of birds egg appearance that I absolutely adore.

In the Murad Kid is a Cleanser, Acne Treatment Gel, 2 moisturizers, Acne Spot Treatment, and finally a Clarifying Mask.

I’m actually doing a complete review on this, including a picture of my face before I started it, and I have been taking notes in my phone as I go through it, so no judgements.

Beauty Wish List or Spring Has Sprung

Spring is in the air and I am very excited about it. The only thing I don’t like about Spring is roses because I’m hardcore, can’t walk past them in the grocery store with out sneezing, allergic to them.

Spring fever has hit me hard this year. I’m so ready to switch to spring scents and colors. And I’ve complied quite a wish list.

spring beauty wish list

I’m really in love with these body washes from Philosophy. I really want either Field of Flowers Peony Blossom or Love Sweet Love. Also the perfumes that match. I can’t help it I’m pretty in love with both of them.

While I’m talking scents I’m also really in love with the way the Tigi Bedhead Style Shots Epic Volume smells. Most of the time I buy my shampoo/conditioner based on the way it smells and not for what it says it’ll do. Sometimes it does what it says it will, mostly it doesn’t. But you can always count on the scent.

Then there’s these two colors from Nails Inc Swiss Cottage and Stratford. I can pick, I won’t pick, I love them both, I need them both!

Then another in the can’t decide club are Sugarbomb and Georgia from Benefit. I’ll have to swatch these to find out which one would work for my skin.

Then Highbeam is kinda nessacary. I don’t own a highlighter and I want to be dewy this spring. I had a sample of Highbeam before and I loved it.

Then finally on the beauty front I’m completely regretting not buying YSL Succulent Pomegranate Sheer Volupte Candy too. I’m so in love with Cool Guava that it’s all I want to wear. ¬† There will be more of these in my future.

Okay Readers, I might have already ordered a couple of the things above. If I did, then I can promise there will be a haul when they come in.

Do you change anything in your routine come spring?