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Book Review: Looking For Alaska

I know, I know, so many John Green books lately. I bought 3 of them in the same day, so yeah. I promise the next book I review will be written by someone else.


As with everything I’ve read by him so far, I loved Looking For Alaska. Miles “Pudge” Halter goes off to boarding school, looking for his great perhaps. There he meets Chip “The Colonel” Martin, a pranking master, Takumi the unlikely MC, and Alaska Young. Miles is a fan of biographies, and even more so of famous last words. It’s a morbid fascination, but not as bad as some interests.

Alaska is a wild, messed up girl. She drinks, she smokes, and lives life dangerously. She’s kinda the very definition of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She’s a master pranker as well, and the pranks that Alaska and The Colonel pull off are legendary.

But late one night, something terrible happens, leaving Miles with a Virgins Suicides type situation.

Final Verdict: I recommend this book, I adored it, for the exact comparison that I made above. The book ends feeling very much like the Virgin Suicides, and that is one of  my all time favorite books.

Oops or back to our regularly sporadic programming

I’m sorry I missed Stylish Sundays, I usually shoot the photos for it at the end of the week. Usually on Saturday, which is what I planned to do this past week. That didn’t happen because I injured my knee doing absolutely nothing late Friday night. Seriously, I was reheating something, and I leaned back to look at the time, instead of bending over like a normal person would, and I heard a very loud pop noise and then there was just pain in my knee. I’ve kinda always had issues with that knee, and expect to be told someday that I have to have surgery if I want to continue walking. Then add in that today was Fathers Day and it just couldn’t happen.

If you’re wondering where the rest of my normal posts have been, well my son is out of school for summer. Then add in that I’ve been trying to cram in 3 seasons of True Blood before this season started, I just didn’t find the time to blog. But things will be back to normal soon. I swear, I have a Sephora Haul coming this week. The photos have already been taken, they’re just waiting to be edited. Add in that I’ve got tons of reviews on all the things I’ve bought to do and I shouldn’t be hurting for content for a while.

I’m also thinking of expanding my subject matter a bit, to cover things like shows, books and food. I know I’ve touched on all those things in the past, but a lot of time I’m lazy in getting my 3 or 4 posts up a week because I’m flat out of ideas. This blog is meant to be about Fashion… And Happy Things. Food makes me happy, television makes me happy, and books make me really happy, but how do you guys feel about that?

From my Mother’s Day Post: Howl Says BYE!

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Signal Boost: AimeeLou62 is having a Giveaway

Dear Readers,
I just wanted to let you know that AimeeLou62, who is a lovely blogger I found during Blogmas, is having a Giveaway on her blog that you can enter here. All you have to do is follow her blog with google friend connect, and comment what you would like to see on her blog. But you’d better hurry, because it ends March 4th.

Now I know a lot more people read my blog than have clicked the follow button, and I don’t mind, but I’m telling you, you won’t regret it if you subscribe to her. She does a lot of reviews and lifestyle type posts which I love.

Just consider this a bit of a signal boost, and go enter her giveaway!

Surprise! It’s Blogmas!

It’s December 1st, and for youtuber’s everywhere that means Vlogmas. Since I’m not making videos right now, I was feeling left out. Then I thought, I have a blog, why don’t I just blog everyday in December, thus we have Blogmas. I’m not claiming this is an original idea, obviously it’s not since I’m adapting Vlogmas for my Blog, and I certainly can’t say if there are other Blogger’s doing the same thing or not.

But what I can say is *I will be blogging everyday this December. I’m so excited about this that I went to Barnes and Noble and bought a fancy journal and pen to keep all my ideas in, purse sized in case I think of something while I’m away.

I picked a red Keep Calm and Carry On Journal from Peter Pauper Press, and a Moleskine Roller pen, Medium Point in Black. I picked this journal because just like everyone else I like the phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On”, especially since my anxiety button seems to be stuck in the on mode, but also because it’s red and it felt Festive, and made me happy. I’m also really happy with the pen even though it was nearly $15 because it has a fancy little clippy so I can clip it to the outside edge of the journal from the side. Also it’s refillable and came with stickers. I like stickers, seriously who doesn’t like stickers?

I should have bought one of these ages ago. Hand-writing things definitely helps me get my thoughts organized, and I really like having fresh paper and a new pen. I’ve already started writing in it.

Sneak peek of tomorrow’s post:

I have lots of things planned, such as reviews and a surprise or two. I hope you’re as excited as I am. See you all Tomorrow!

*Disclaimer: I can’t actually promise it will be everyday, as sometimes things go wrong, but I can promise that I will try my absolute hardest to have a blog post up everyday.