The Virgin Suicides or Book Review OOTD

These images are not recent at all, they were actually taken last spring when my husband first got his camera. If your friends with either of us on Facebook then you might have seen these images before. That’s okay though, because you don’t know the story behind them.

First what I was wearing:



H&M Top and Sunnies, American Eagle Shorts, Minnetonka Moccasins, Adore Plate Necklace, Key Necklace, Ring. The Tote bag is from Barnes and Noble and is covered in quotes from famous books. The blanket was a gift from T when she went on a trip to Mexico the year before.


Hair Loosely Curled with Conair’s YouCurl Infinity Curling Wand and pinned back with a whole mess of bobby pins.


On My Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in B10, Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush, Benefit’s Leggy Eyeshadow, Blinc Mascara, Smith’s Rosebud Salve
On My Nails: Essie’s Navigate Her.

You might notice that I’m reading a book, it actually happens to be one of my very favorite books, The Virgin Suicides. When I was getting ready to take these photos I tried to think of what one of the Lisbon Sisters would have been wearing, or how they would have done their makeup. I was going for a very natural, very 70′s feel. As you might see in a future Throwback post, I went through a bit of a 70′s phase early last year. It only lasted for the spring though. I feel like these pictures are spot on, because they have a sort of soft, kind of dreamy, but very bare feel to them. Which matches the tone of the book perfectly.


The Virgin Suicides focus on the Lisbon Sisters and the events surrounding their suicides, and is told by one of the boys who was enthralled with them. The whole book has a sort of dreamlike hazy feel to it, since it is told in memories. It’s like they used a soft focus blush toned filter on the whole story. Even though it focuses on the mystery, you can clearly tell that some of the elements have been softened by time, some of them forgotten and some of them never known.

It’s a book I’ve read so many times I could nearly tell you the story verbatim, but evertime I read it, I still feel the same way. Like I too am looking back into history, spying on the Lisbon Sisters through the window, and wondering why. It’s not the resolution of this story that makes the book for me, it’s the tone and the depth of emotion. Every time I read it I go through a bit of 70′s phase, and I think I’m due for a rereading soon, so look forward to some inspired outfits and inspirations posts coming soon.

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*Not every book review on this site will have an outfit post to go with it, but some of them, that effect me particularly will.

19 thoughts on “The Virgin Suicides or Book Review OOTD

      1. Daniela

        I know.. It is hard. I am thinking about doing something with mine also… :) I started to feel that it is “overpinked” :) :) And I even have troubles with Ads, Google just doesnt like me at all… :D

        1. mana Post author

          Getting my ads to work again was probably the hardest part. That and when we tried to change what it said above my comments and accidentally broke the whole blog. my husband (who did all of the real work) fixed it quickly but still… I was feeling the same way about the theme I had on blogger. I love the photo you have at the top of your blog though. It’s such a great picture of you.

          1. Daniela

            Thank you… :) You are so kind… My husband took the picture. :) At least we have great husbands to help, right? :) You are right I have to do something with Google, need to make myself more attractive or something… :D :D :D

            It says that my blog cant be connected with the program or something because web address is different than my blogs address… so I gave up in this point because I don’t know how to fix it. :(

  1. Hanna

    This is a great book review I think adding an inspired outfit really adds to it. I think I might have to do something like this in the future.

  2. Kallie

    Lovely photos! I love the two shots of your shoes and then you laying with The Virgin Suicides. Speaking of, I always like reading people’s reviews of Jeffery Eugenides’ novels, he’s my uncle. Haha! Most people, of course, rave about his Middlesex book, but glad you liked this one :)
    I love your blog, very nice <3

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

    1. mana Post author

      This one is actually one of my favorite books, so I’m really glad that you liked my review of it, and the images with it :)

      I’m also glad you like my blog, because I was just looking at yours and I really like your blog too, especially the name. Because that is a sentiment I fully agree with.

  3. Ashley Nevis

    I love these pictures! I saw the movie version of The Virgin Suicides a few years ago, but now you’ve made me really want to read the book, which I’m sure will be even better. Has there ever been a case when the book wasn’t better than the movie?!


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