Spring Luxuries

On Saturday, while we were waiting for Howl to be groomed, I decided to stop in Sephora to see Maxwell and to see if I could get a look at the NARSskin line in person. Unfortunately they didn’t have it, so I’m going to order when their 15% off sale starts. But I still managed to pick up a few necessities.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

Actually none of these are necessities. They’re all Princess products, if I’m being honest.

After wandering the store, chatting with Maxwell and trying lip colors. I tried 3 different ones before deciding on Rose by Hourglass

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

I was torn between this one and Sweety and Satsuma by Bite, but they ended up being to bright, and I just really liked this one.

I also picked up the Jose Maran cleansing oil and Argan oil set at the checkout.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

I’ve used the cleansing oil before, I adore it, and I’ve had a sample of the oil before which I liked so these will make a good temporary solution until I order the NARSskin products.

The last thing I picked up is what I’m most excited about. The Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette.
It comes in this lovely pouch

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

And I took far to many pictures of this palette

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

But every detail is just so lovely

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

Down to the liner protecting the shadows

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

And the shadows themselves are just stunning

Fashion and Happy Things!   Spring Luxuries

I haven’t swatched it yet, because I’m still sick and I just want to wait until I’m feeling better. I’m really excited about this palette, because normally I don’t spend money on eyeshadows. All of the Lancome ones that I use I actually got for free. So this was a complete luxury purchase for me. I’m so in love with this palette, it’s just flawless. I can’t wait to use it, and I hope it lives up to the hype, I’ve heard on youtube. If not I can disappointingly, but thankfully, return it because of Sephora’s amazing return policy.

Now I’m off to watch my brushes and watch something girly on Netflix.


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