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Gift Guide for Kids, Boy Edition 2013

I decided that instead of doing a children’s gift guide with both genders combined, I’d do gender specific ones. I’m starting off with the boys list, because it’s easier for me since I have a 7 year old boy. I’ve been hearing for months all the things that he wants.

Gift Guide for Boys
  • Every year in my family we give each other pajamas to sleep in Christmas Eve night. My favorites are the pajama’s from Disney and these with Olaf from Frozen on them are adorable.
  • Legos are kinda a classic gift, and my son has gotten some variation of them every year.
  • Last year he got the movie The Legends of the Guardians, which I totally recommend. I’ve just discovered that movie is based off a book series and I am really excited about it and will definitely be getting The Guardians Box Set and The Sandman books for my son. How perfect are these for Christmas?
  • Board games are perfect and I highly recommend Apples to Apples and Hedbanz. Perfect for some family time after presents on Christmas morning, or to keep a group of kids entertained after dinner on Christmas Eve.
  • The hit movies of the year are always good, Monsters University looks adorable and perfect for a little boy.
  • My son loves Skylanders, it’s his absolute favorite video game. Skylanders Swap Force is the newest version out and I know it will be on the top of his list.
  • Most little boys love dinosaurs. A few year ago I got my son a science kit and the only thing that he really liked and used out of it was the Dinosaur Dig kit. There are a bunch of different version but the Tyrannosaurus is classic.
  • For the little artist this My Comic Book Kit is perfect.
  • My son love Beyblades, and they were really popular with his friends. This Beyblade Samurai Cyclone set is perfect.
  • Someone gave my son a Dream Lite Dinosaur Pillow Pet for Christmas last year and he loves it. We’ve had to replace the batteries in it twice, he uses it every night.

I’m really excited about Christmas¬† this year, and I think my son definitely is too.¬† I don’t know a little boy that wouldn’t at least love one of the things on this list.

I know I’ve said that this gift guide is aimed a little boys, and I am doing a girls edition tomorrow. However, there are plenty of little girls who would also be thrilled with things off of this list.



What To Wear: Thanksgiving

I actually did a What To Wear Post for Thanksgiving last year, and I was reminded of it a couple days ago when it showed up in the viewed post for that day. I decided to do an updated one for this year.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Since I did a casual look and a Dressy look last year, I decided to do the same this year.

I started the casual outfit off with this Cardigan from Jack Wills (similar) because it just looks so cozy. Then I added this Duofold Plaid Shirt from Gilly Hicks. Keeping in mind that Thanksgiving is a Food Holiday and I, like Dean Winchester, believe pie is everything, decided to copy last year and go with Leggings for my bottoms. I love these tuxedo leggings from Topshop, Only because the Gilly Hicks top is long enough to cover your bum. These Sperry Dylan boots are gorgeous and I want them in my closet right now. And I finished off the outfit with these bow earrings from Kate Spade.

For the Dressy outfit, I once again took inspiration from Blair Waldorf’s Thanksgiving outfit in Season 1. That is of course my favorite episode. I chose this Cream Lace dress from H&M. Then I thought some cranberry colored tights would look amazing with it, so I picked these from Modcloth. For shoes I went with the pointed toe Brogue Bluchers from Zara, which are on my to buy list. I added this coat from Zara because I loved the color and the collar of it. For Jewelry I thought these Amethyst Studs from Kate Spade and this gold necklace with Curved Bar from H&M (similar) rounded out the outfit nicely.

This year I’m probably going to go with something close to the second outfit to wear for Thanksgiving day. At least that’s my idea right now. I do have 28 days to change my mind.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions? Any Thanksgiving related posts you’d like to see?

Bonus blogmas: Christmas Day

I know Blogmas was meant to end on Christmas Eve, but since the posts for the past 2 days have been so short, I decided to throw in a bonus post.

I’m typing this out from my new iPad, which I’m super excited about. My husband got it for me so I could FaceTime with a close friend who unfortunately lives super far away (T and I miss you too much O!). Which I did as soon as she alerted me that she was up and about this morning. It was so good to see her, I can’t even tell you how much. Seriously this is the best Christmas present ever. Followed closely with the gift I got from O which is the complete years 1-7 Harry Potter DVDs, and my parents got me a Harry Potter tee shirt which I totally plan to wear with leggings while watching the movies. Lame I know but I adore the movies, the books, and the merchandise.

I’ll probably do a what I got for Christmas post soon, but I won’t promise it before the new year. I’m definitely going to be taking a few days off, and just hang out playing games and watching movies. Of course now that I said that, I’ll probably be back with a lengthy post soon.

Today was pretty perfect. since we did both family parties yesterday, we stayed in our christmas pjs all day (mine are of course Victoria’s Secret), had chili for dinner, and now were going to watch some Christmas specials. I hope you are all having a happy Christmas and that you spent these past few days with the people you love.

Blogmas Day 23: It’s Christmas Eve Eve

You know you’ve reached Christmas overload when you’re family is fine with you blaring Call Me Maybe just because it’s not Christmas Music.

Personally I’m very excited for Christmas. We have 2 parties to go to, with a wardrobe change in between and then a relaxed Christmas Day at home. I’m not sure when tomorrow’s post will go up, but there will be one.

I finished my wrapping last night, and I only have a couple pies to make, so I’m going to spend the day being lazy and watching Christmas movies with my family.