Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2013

I mentioned in my Stylish Sunday’s Post that I would be doing my Christmas Gift Guides early this year. With Black Friday fast approaching I decided that it would be more convenient for my readers if I put them up now. So the next 4 posts will be the Gift Guides.

I’m kicking off with my Gift Guide for Her:

Gift Guide for Her
♥ This Gift set from Kiehls is perfect. It’s their Greatest Hits set, but if you don’t think this one will work, the I recommend checking out their Gifts for Her section.
♥ I personally have this Lorac Pro Palette on my Christmas Wishlist this year. All the colors are beautiful and this palette has been getting rave reviews.
Fresh’s Sugar Stars gift set is a great collection gift, but if she’s not a lip product junkie, Sephora has some other amazing options for you to check out. I’ll probably do a post closer to Christmas on some of their Gift Sets.
♥ If your at a complete loss, a candle is a good way to go. I adore the way Yankee Candle’s Celebrate Christmas Candle smells.
♥ Glitter, Kate Spade, Shoes. What more could a girl ask for? Personally I am dying to own these Keds x Kate Spade collab shoes and they are at the top of my wishlist. They’re so fun and glitzy and practical at the same time.
♥ Pajamas are always a great gift. I’m certain you’re all well aware of my love for Victoria’s Secret Pajama’s by now. They’re so cozy and they wash really well.
♥ Jewelry is a classic gift that’s pretty hard to go wrong with. Since Rose Gold is still a really hot trend, I thought this Make Me Blush Pave Idiom Pendant from Kate Spade was perfect.
♥ This Cozy Plaid Scarf from Gap would make a lovely gift, especially if you live in a cold snowy area. Bonus it feels way more luxe than it costs.
♥ Perfume, another timeless gift. But give it an update by picking somethink modern like Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb rather than the much purchased Chanel N° 5. If you want to be extra fancy this Limited Edition version of the bottle, pictured above is just stunning.
♥ For the Bibliophiles like myself, books are always the perfect gift. I recommend Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham.
Anyone of these gifts would be perfect all on their own, but you can also combine them in numerous ways. For the girl that adores Kate Spade pick up the necklace and the shoes. The Pajama’s, Candle and Book are certain to make for a lovely night in. And the Scarf, Kiehls Gift Set, and Lip Balms are perfect for the girl that loves to be out in the snow. Or you can pick up the Eye Palette and Perfume for the Princessy woman in your life. The combinations are endless, and combining things to give your gifts a theme says you put in so much effort, but really it takes only a little fore thought before you head out shopping.
I’ll be back tomorrow with my Gift Guide for Him. Leave in the comments below what you want for Christmas ladies.

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