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Book Review: Gone Girl

Today’s review is on Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Review: Gone Girl

Which to be honest is kinda a saved the best for last. I can totally see why they’re making Gone Girl into a movie. Sharp Objects may have been my favorite, but Gone Girl is so good too.

It’s Amy and Nicks 5th wedding anniversary when Amy goes missing. Things look bad for Nick as evidence adds up and things get found out. Can Nick find out what happened before he ends up in jail?

This book was so good. It’s definitely a thriller and is going to make an amazing movie. I can’t wait to see it. I definitely wasn’t expecting the second half of this book at all. What happened to Amy is so just messed up. I really recommend this book and I definitely recommend that you read the book before you go see the movie. I’m purposefully keeping this review short so I don’t accidentally reveal anything that happens.

Book Review: Sharp Objects

I said in my last review I was going to review all of the Gillian Flynn books currently released. This week I’m doing Sharp Objects.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Review: Sharp Objects

After being released from a psych hospital Camille Preaker is sent by the paper she works for to her home town to cover the murder of two preteen girls. While uncovering the story from the reluctant to talk town, she finds herself identifying a bit too much with the victims. Camille has to face what happened to her all those years before, in order to cope with this homecoming.

Camille’s scars speak volumes about who she is and what happened to her as a child. I absolutely loved the dark twisted nature of this book. It’s definitely the shortest of Gillian Flynn’s current novels but it’s also my favorite. I didn’t know this was her debut novel until I read the back of the book after I read it, and it’s definitely a strong debut. The ending of this book definitely bothered me a little bit, it wasn’t what I had expected at all. The ending is what makes this one of my favorite books though.  I definitely recommend it, but it’s the kind of story you shouldn’t read alone at night if your easily scared.

Book Review: Dark Places

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a book review, and since I finally have all 3 of Gillian Flynn’s books I thought I’d review them for the next couple of weeks.

First up is Dark Places:

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Review: Dark Places

Synopsis: When Libby Day was only seven years old her Mother and sisters were murdered in what was dubbed “Satan’s Sacrifice” Of Kinnakee Kansas. She lived and testified that her brother Ben was the killer. Twenty-Five years later, the Kill Club hopes to find out the truth of what happened that day, and Libby hopes to turn a profit off of their search. As Libby and the Kill Club search for the truth, Libby finds herself on the run from a killer.

This was the first Gillian Flynn novel that I read, and it’s probably my favorite one. I have it in both Paperback and on my nook. This book was one of the first books I bought that was recommended by ChapterStackss on youtube, and it definitely kicked off my trust for her recommendations.

I completely recommend this book, it dark and complex. Libby’s life is completely destroyed because of what happened to her as a child, and looking into her past not only explains her life as it is now, but helps her get things together to change it. The ending of this book isn’t something you’d expect. I stayed up all night finishing this book because I just had to know how it ended, and I’ve read it a few times since I first bought it.

I know in the summer most people are looking for lighter beach reads, and this book definitely isn’t one of those. But where I live June Gloom has hit hard and it’s been cool and rainy for a few weeks now. Which sets the perfect tone to cozy up with a dark and creepy book. I almost hate to say it because I know Fall frenzy overtakes the blogging world every August, but I’m already getting excited for Fall this year.

Do you read book genre’s by season? Or do you just go with whatever looks good?


Book Binge

Generally I don’t buy books very often. I’ll buy 3 in one month and then I won’t buy any for 5 months after that. I usually just go to the Library and grab whatever catches my eye, but recently I went on a bit of a book buying binge and bought 6 books in one week.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

An Abundance Of Katherines – John GreenFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

Paper Towns – John GreenFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

Looking For Alaska – John GreenFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

Dark Places – Gillian FlynnFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

Into The Darkest Corner – Elizabeth HaynesFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge

I bought all of those from Target and Amazon in day and then a few days later went into Barnes and Noble and picked up Unwind – Neil ShushtermanFashion and Happy Things!   Book Binge



Book Haul

Or The Scary Season Is Coming

I don’t know about you, but what I’m reading usually changes with the seasons. Spring and Summer I like to read light, everyone is falling in love, type books. But come fall and winter, I love mysteries, and dark, creepy or scary books. I’m  not sure if it’s just me getting ready for my favorite holiday, but come the colder seasons I am all about the creepy stuff.

Not all out horror, don’t get me wrong, but you won’t catch me watching the final destination movies (save the second one that Ryan made me go see, and then didn’t show up for you ass!), but when it comes to books I like to read things that I could never ever watch on T.V.

Which brings me to this book haul.

Fashion and Happy Things!   Book Haul

Why yes that is Howl on the edge of the picture. Photobombing is an art and he has got it down, just go look at my last haul. From Left to Right they are, Dream With Little Angels by Michael Hiebert, Cemetery Girl by David Bell and Sharp Objects By Gillian Flynn. I’m probably most excited for Sharp Objects, because it was recommended by ChapterStackss or Katie on Youtube. She is probably my favorite youtuber. I followed her from her beauty channel to her booktube channel and every book that she’s recommended that I’ve read, I’ve adored. She’s actually who inspired me to start doing book reviews on my blog, so go check her out!

As you can see I bought these books from Target, and I haven’t read any of them yet. I’m really excited to get reading them, but I actually have another book to read first. It’s called Getting Rooted in New Zealand by Jamie Baywood and after I’ve read it I get to do a mini interview with the Author that I’m very excited about. I kinda consider it my last light and girlie book of the summer. What books are you looking foreward to reading this fall?