Gilly Hicks Review

I got my Gilly Hicks order in a few days ago, and I’ve already picked out another 2 hoodies from the website that I must have.

This time I bought the Skinny Banded Sweatpants in Dark Heather Grey which has the logo in pink and Navy which has the logo in red. They’re extremely schnuggly and cozy and warm. I’m so in love with them, I just want to spend all my time in them. I definitely prefer them to the Victoria Secret Pink Pants. These are seriously the softest pants that I’ve ever put on. They claim to have a cheeky butt fit, and I don’t know what that is exactly, but my ass certainly looks as good as you’d expect it to in sweatpants. They don’t have pockets, but I’ve never really liked pockets in sweatpants anyway, since if you drop your phone in, or anything at all, it seems to drag them down on that side. The banded bottom is great because you can cuff them up for spring or early fall and wear them long in the winter.

I also bought two different styles of the hoodies, a zip up and a pullover. The first one, the zip up is the Hewlett Street Hoodie in Burgundy. I adore it, it’s made from the same material as the sweatpants and it’s insanely warm. It’s very fitted, which is nice as it doesn’t make me look shapeless. The sleeves are a bit tight if you have a long sleeve shirt on underneath, but since it’s so warm you wouldn’t need to do that unless it was absolutely freezing out. I love the golden yellow embroidery on the front, it works really well with the deep burgundy color. This hoodie hits me right at the top of my hips, and the sleeves are kinda long, I can comfortably cover my hands if I want to, which I did when I wore it out trick or treating with my son last night because it was so cold out. But at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the hoodie was still warm enough to be out wandering around.

The Second hoodie, the pullover, was the Roselands Hoodie in Grey which has pink stitching for the logo, that matches the sweatpants I bought exactly even though the hoodie is a lighter grey than the pants. I haven’t worn it for more than a few minutes to try it on and see how it fit, but I really really like this hoodie. It’s just as soft as everything else I bought, but it seems to have a looser fit than the other hoodie. It fits comfortably in the sleeves with long sleeves under it. It seems to be a bit longer too, but not by much. It’s a typical pullover with a Kangaroo pocket. There’s not much else to say since it’s made out of the same material as everything else I bought, but I definitely love it, and have a feeling that this one will quickly become my favorite because of the coloring.

All said, I’ve very happy with my items and I definitely think I’ve found my replacement for Victoria’s Secret. The prices are better and the quality seems to be better, and the hoodies are softer and schungglier than the V.S. ones I’ve bought in the past. I’ve already decided I need one of their sherpa lined hoodies before it gets much colder, and another pair of the sweatpants, okay and their sleep pants, and I’d love to try out a tee or two of theirs. What can I say, I’m obsessed and have definitely been converted to a Gilly Girl.

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