Blogmas Day 2: My Chistmas Wishlist

It’s Blogmas Day 2, I’m so excited! And I’ve found out there are other bloggers doing Blogmas! The only one who’s blog I’ve read so far is Woke Up Pretty’s, but since I just discovered her this morning when I saw she so kindly commented on yesterday’s post to let me know about the other Blogmaser’s (what? blog-mas-er-’s?) but I’ve been reading her blog since I got up this morning, Go check her out!

So for Blogmas Day 2 I’m posting my Christmas Wishlist that I showed a picture of my sneak peek post yesterday that I already have the start of 10 or 11 posts written in that little book, and I may or may not have filmed some Tag Videos to go along. Okay I totally did, so those will be coming soon. But not too soon as it seems my hard drive in my laptop gave up the ghost last night. Here’s to hoping my super programmer husband can manage to fix it.

This is kinda my ultimate wishlist, and I hope to find at least one or two of these items underneath the tree this year, but I really don’t expect to. I‘m fully away that several things on this Wishlist are very expensive, impractically so. But that is the spirit of Wishlists, so here we go!


First on my list are these adorable Monogram Mugs from Anthropologie. I want at least one of them in M for my nickname or S for my last name. I love mugs and these are large, stoneware and these would be perfect to curl up on the couch with full of tea for a nice cozy day...
And speaking of cozy as always Pajamas from Victoria Secret. I love Victoria Secret Pajamas, they’re just the perfect fit on me, and so cozy. Plus they’re kinda a tradition and one that I really adore.
I’m also kinda really want a tablet. I love the idea of being able to subscribe to all my magazines, film and edit videos, keep up with the blogs I follow and fit it all into my purse. Being that the Ipad was pretty much the first tablet I figured it was a good representative
On the beauty front, I’ve recently tried a YSL mascara and it has me curious about their other products and I’d be happy to find YSL anything under the tree but especially the lipsticks, sheer balm color, or glossy lip stains. Yves Saint Laurent are such a lovely luxury brand and are perfect for a fancy present.
Another beauty product I love is nail polish, and my current favorites are a toss up between Lancome and Deborah Lippmann. I like Deborah Lippmann‘s glitters, but I adore Lancome’s formulation and staying power and they have some really beautiful colors.  
I’m also really in love with the Brookethorpe sweater from Jack Wills. The colors and design is amazing. I’m just so in love with the deer on it and the snowy scene. The details are amazing, and it looks so warm and I love to be warm.
I‘m completely in love with thisLove Notes Bow Ring from Kate Spade. It’s just so sweet and dainty, and I adore bows. I’d prefer it in silver, since I think it looks better on me, but really I’d be thrilled with either color
These supersoft skinny leigh jeans from Topshop are amazing and I‘m absolutely dying for a pair. I prefer my jeans soft, and if not jeggings as close as I can get to them. 
I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I really love Superdry and this Highlander Scarf looks amazing and I bet I would be just as warm and soft and wonderful as it looks. I really like tartan lining, if you remember from my winter duffle coats post.
Finally the number one absolutely most wanted item on my list are the Hunter Original Short Gloss Rainboot in Pillar Box Red and the Short Fleece Wellie Socks in Cream. I can’t even tell you how excited I would be to find these under the tree. I have wanted red rainboots since I was a child because I love Ramona Quimby, and I have adored Hunter Boots since I’ve known they were a thing. I know these pop up on my blog a lot, but in all honesty they will continue to show up here. I have a whole post dedicated to my love of Hunter Wellies, and there will be more in the future. I just can‘t even with how much I adore them. The Short Gloss in Pillar Box Red are just gorgeous, and I think the short length is too perfect!
Side note: Butter London has a nail varnish called Pillar Box Red that I also really want partially because I love nail polish but mostly because it‘s color is the same name as the Hunter boots I want! 

Wishlist by fashionandhappythings featuring hunter socks

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