Stylish Sundays: Everything Has Changed

Or Taylor Swift Inspired

I recently watched some videos that Taylor Swift made in collaboration with Keds talking about her style and I remembered how much fun I had last fall with all my stripes and oxfords, so I decided that I wanted to wear exactly that.


I’m wearing a red and cream striped sweater from Francesca’s and  Black Shorts from H&M.fashionandhappythings-9870

My shoes are Not Rated Oxfords that I ordered from Journey’s last year.


My Necklace is a beaded 3 strand necklace that I got from H&M ages ago. I once wore it as a bracelet here.


My makeup was Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, Nars Deep Throat Blush, Nars Concealer in Vanilla, Bite VIB Rouge lip color, and YSL Babydoll Mascara


I wasn’t having the greatest Hair day so I left my bangs down and pulled it back into a ponytail with an Emi-Jay Hair Tie.


Howl loved being at the park, especially the part where he got to eat the grass.




Can I just say I’ve never been a big fan of Keds, until I realized they’d come out with all these cute collaborations. Now I really really want a pair from both the Taylor Swift collab and the Kate Spade Collab. So much that I’m seriously thinking about getting myself a pair instead of Toms from my birthday. Maybe? What do you think, Toms or Keds?

17 thoughts on “Stylish Sundays: Everything Has Changed

  1. Ana

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Follow this link to my blog, the rules will be there for the questions you have to answer. Don’t forget to tell me when you have. :)

  2. Elizabeth

    Oxfords are one of my favorite shoes to wear in the fall (they’re like flats, but I can wear socks for my cold feet!) Love your sweater, Francesca’s is the best.


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