Korres Greek Yogurt Lactic Acid Sleeping Facial Review

Or Where Did You Get That Glow?

At the end of one of my many shopping trips to Sephora I spotted the Korres Greek Yogurt Lactic Acid Sleeping Facial as one of the 100 pt perks and decided that I should try it, so I picked up two.


I haven’t even made it through my first one yet entirely because you don’t need very much of this at all. This is sort of a treatment and moisturizer all in one and I both love and hate it, but I think I might need to use it differently and that might fix the hate it part. But I’ll get to that at the end.

Whenever I use this the next morning my skin is glowing and bright looking, like I’m well rested. However it seriously makes the acne I have angry, and I usually get a few more blemishes popping up in the areas that I usually break out. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I don’t know if I just haven’t used this enough so my skin isn’t used to it yet, or if I should be using the Wild Rose version of this product, which is what I suspect since I’ve used the moisturizer version of that before and found it to be absolutely lovely. The blemishes don’t usually stick around for longer than a day or two though so it isn’t that bad.

I think I might be using it wrong because I put it on after my regular moisturizer and I think I should either be using it before or instead of.

Final Verdict? I like this product, I might purchase the full size once I finally manage to get my skin under control.

3 thoughts on “Korres Greek Yogurt Lactic Acid Sleeping Facial Review

    1. mana Post author

      The Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal mask does really good things for my skin and acne so I figured maybe topically lactic acid wasn’t so bad. I don’t drink milk though, I haven’t for a few months. And like I said in the post it’s only irritated for a day and then it’s better then next.


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