Hacking it off, new phone, and skin care thoughts

I’ve decided that I have to get my hair cut today because my ponytial ate a chunk of mu hair last night. I dont even lnow how that happened but it did, so hair hacking today it is. I was trying to grow out my hair, and I’m still sort of doing that but my hair has no shape or style to it right now. All of my layers have grown out and it’s just sort of blah. I plan to get my hair cut like this only leaving it a bit longer over all. Emma Stone is usually my hair inspiration, so of course I immediately looked to how her hair is for my change.

I got a new phone since mine bit the dust. It’s an iPhone 4S ¬†and I’ve had it for a day. I haven’t really formed a judgement on it yet, but its good so far. I haven’t had any issues with it and have managed to get all my music on it, so I’m happy. I haven’t picked a case for it yet, but I’ll probably go with something from Kate Spade. I do like everything to be cohesive and all of my other electronics are housed in Kate Spade cases.

So I recently went to see a Dermotologist and through trail and big error, we discovered that I’m allergic to all the antibiotics that they prescribe for acne. So he gave me a topical solution, but it doesn’t seem to be doing any better than my Emc2 stuff was doing. So I’m thinking about consulting an esthetician to look into Murad products when I run out of my Liz Earle stuff. I love my Liz Earle stuff but with the conversion rate and shipping from overseas its just really expensive. Murad is expensive too but it’s available at Sephora so it’s a lot more accessible. Which I like because if I run out of something unexpectedly then it’s much easier to pop into sephora than it is to order from the UK.

I know I’ve slacked this week on my blog, but I will be back tomorrow with Stylish Sunday and hopefully back on my game next week. This week was just a bit tough for me.

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