Howl Haul: First Birthday

If you saw Monday’s post then you know it was Howl’s First Birthday, so I decided that a special edition, picture heavy, Howl Haul was in order.

I got him a new birthday shirt to wear, but he didn’t wear it long because he hated it. I’m not sure why some shirts he loves and others he hates, but sadly this one he hated.


See he does not look happy.


And how cute is the back of his shirt? It’s from the Martha Stewart Pets Spring line.

Then his presents! fashionandhappythings-1145

He got a Hugglehounds Patchies Knotties Bear


This Bear is already his new Best Friend. He carries him around by his nose.

A GoDog Dinos Mini Grey Triceratopsfashionandhappythings-1154

And a Martha Stewart Pets Frog Princefashionandhappythings-1134

Martha Stewart Pets is actually my favorite brand for dog things. So far I have loved everything we’ve bought from that brand. And I have a few more things I plan on getting for him from her spring line.

Then we have some pictures of him playing with his new toys.


See! He loves to chew noses.


At first he wasn’t so sure what to do with this one.

Then he discovered is the perfect size for Tug of War

Then he discovered is the perfect size for Tug of War

Which he of course won.

Which he of course won.

He had a pretty awesome and busy day of new toys, going for a car ride, and a short (and very cold) walk. By the end of it he was all tired out.



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